That Bill Clinton Sure Messed Up With Kim-Jong Un!

CREDIT: Fox News screengrab.

The King of Idiots has been talking again, and, as usual, the stupid is simply too much to bear. Do his people not know he’s fucking stupid and willfully ignorant? Why do they not have someone adding a strip of masking tape to his tie with correct names on it? Something, some sort of cheat sheet, so that at least thinking Americans do not have to cringe with body contorting embarrassment every time this doofus opens his mouth. As usual, the Tiny Tyrant just had to find a way to disrespect former presidents, as disrespect is all he seems to be good at, as an unpresident and person. What will the Spicer Shit Spin on this one be, “oh, oh, well, those names are hard to tell apart!”?

After referencing Pence’s trip, Earhardt asked Trump whether he has ruled out a military strike against North Korea.

Trump responded by saying he doesn’t “want to telegraph” what he’s “doing or thinking,” but went on to suggest the time for talk is over.

“They’ve been talking with this gentleman for a long time,” Trump said, apparently referencing former American presidents’ negotiations with North Korea. “You read Clinton’s book, he said, ‘Oh, we made such a great peace deal,’ and it was a joke.”


But the “gentleman” Trump referred to, Kim Jong-un, has only been in power since the 2011 death of his father, Kim Jong-il, so he certainly never negotiated with President Clinton. In fact, the October 1994 Clinton “peace deal” that Trump referred to in this interview was largely negotiated before the death of Kim Il-sung, Kim Jung-un’s grandfather, in July of that year.

Trump’s ahistorical comments about North Korea’s leadership were reminiscent of his now-infamous remarks about abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass during an event commemorating the start of Black History Month on February 1st.

“Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job that is being recognized more and more, I notice.” Douglass died in 1895.

The president’s apparent confusion about who’s in charge of North Korea also comes just days after he erroneously described missile strikes he approved against the Assad regime in Syria as “heading to Iraq.”

Think Progress has the full story, and a video, if you can stomach it.


  1. says

    Someone needs to ask that shit-snorter when he’s going to do something about Napoleon Bonaparte.

    As a member of the tyrant club, Bonaparte is probably a hero to Trump. They had similar tastes, too. And small hands.

  2. Saad says

    “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job that is being recognized more and more, I notice.”

    To me, these types of quotes are the most telling about how clueless, incompetent and out of his depth this asshole is.

  3. says

    Jesus Christ, he couldn’t even manage “this gentleman’s grandfather and father”, because he probably thinks they are all one person. Every time I think he can’t say anything stupider…

  4. blf says

    President Clinton used the time machine President Obama bequeathed him — this is the machine Obama used to destroy his Keyan birth certificate and deposit fakes in Hawai’i — to obtain Kim Jong-un’s agreement.

  5. says

    Every time I think he can’t say anything stupider…

    I think he’s been pretty consistently stupid. He started off with the whole “birther” nonsense and hasn’t said a fucking intelligible thing, since, unless it’s by accident or it’s a simple word like “sad.” That is a good one-word summary.

  6. says

    The Angry Cheeto isn’t stupid.
    Arrogant, narcissistic (perhaps even to the level of a clinical diagnosis), contemptuous of everybody who isn’t him, and completely unconcerned with speaking the truth, yes; stupid, no.
    He’s a bullshitter, a con artist. He’s been that way for all his adult life, and perhaps more. And up until he got electoraled to the office of President, it’s worked for him. His tactics have yielded the results he cares about. So… why shouldn’t he continue to use those same tactics that all his life experience tells him will do what he wants?
    Even now, with his words and actions having generated an imperial shitload of criticism and resistance, the Cheeto is in a pretty good place. He’s the President of the US, for crying out loud! He’s got bodyguards wherever he goes! Even more people pay attention to him now than ever did when he was ‘merely’ a real estate mogul and reality TV star! And for all the whiny noise those loser essjaydubyas are making, there’s no way in hell that noise is ever going to be anything but noise, because the GOP controls Congress, right? Not like he’s going to suffer any consequences that matter worth a damn.
    I honestly believe that the Cheeto has never once had to deal with effective opposition in his life. Nobody’s ever said “no” to him and made it stick. If I’m right, this means that the Cheeto has managed to avoid a whole raft of life-experiences which most people acquire while their age is still in the single-digit range. Which, in turn, means that the current shitshow is completely new to the Cheeto, completely alien to him. I don’t think you can call him stupid because he’s not dealing well with things which are completely alien to him.

    Keep up the resistance. Keep on pointing out the Cheeto’s many lies. Keep the pressure on your elected representatives. All these things annoy the Cheeto, and the more annoyed he is, the longer it will be before he calms down enough to figure out what most people figured out before age 10. And the longer the Cheeto remains in WTF is happening? mode, the more opportunities there will be to remove the SOB, and all his get, from the levers of power.

  7. says


    The Angry Cheeto isn’t stupid.

    You’re wrong. He was a consistent failure in school, which is why he was dumped into a military academy. He’s read one book that anyone knows of, All Quiet on the Western Front, when he was in grade school. He does not read, full stop. He doesn’t read anything. He is utterly devoid of knowledge. He knows nothing of history, he knows nothing of geography, he knows nothing of current events. He is very stupid, and as a consequence, has no interest in learning, as that’s extremely difficult for him.

    Yes, he’s a con man, but you cannot, in honesty say that’s he’s good at it, he isn’t. He was gifted with a massive silver spoon, and already extant “business”, where his daddy taught him how to bully and steal, in proper racist fashion. He’s had more failed and bankrupted ventures than successful ones. He constantly has a trail of lawsuits behind him, which he never wins, and always has to settle. He refuses to hand over tax returns, because so much of the “I’m rich and successful” crap would be exposed. The only thing he has managed to parlay into success is branding his name. That’s not much of a con, and every time his “business” is looked into, it’s dodgier than hell, and most of the time, depends on criminal enterprise of some sort to keep afloat. He’s been in “business” with organized crime for ages, laundering money. Oh yes, someone else had the idea to make him a reality teevee idiot. He believes everything on Fox News. You can say all manner of things about him, but smart is not one of them. He’s a fucking idiot, and he’s proud of that.

    This insistence that no, he’s really a smart, canny businessdude makes you sound exactly like his faithful. The sooner people face up to the fact that he’s a know-nothing idiot, the better.

  8. tkreacher says

    One who isn’t stupid need only listen to him try to make a coherent point to recognize he’s stupid.

  9. says

    Why do I have this nasty feeling that WW3 will start because Trump accidentally nukes the wrong country? I hope at least somebody is standing by to remind him that it’s North Korea.

  10. blf says

    Hair furor also seems to see the entire world as would a greedy rent-seeker with a zero-sum world-view: Zero-sum broadly meaning it’s impossible to add anything (knowledge, morality, worth(even money), &tc); Rent-seeking broadly meaning that obtaining something (knowledge, morality, worth(even money), &tc) means depriving others (see zero-sum); and Greedy is presumably broadly obvious. The combination is described as “stupid” — which it is — but using “stupid” as the explanation CAN be misleading.

    To be clear: I myself think teh trum-prat is stupid(overall), in addition to being a greedy rent-seeker with a zero-sum economic- and world-view. But being stupid is not the same as, and is not a description of, being a greedy rent-seeker with a zero-sum economic- and world-view.

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