Practicing Unprotected Politics.

Goodness me, one of the Tiny Tyrant’s spawn had a thoughtless spill of arrogance, and a bit of truth tumbled out. Ooops. I’m sure there are some Trumpholes out there who believe that Donnie has “separated” himself from his business, but believing that requires quite a conscious effort of reality distancing. I expect most of them don’t care, and don’t see anything wrong the Tiny Tyrant treating the government like another overblown hotel or golf course.

…Because Trump hasn’t divested from his businesses, his separation from the vast conflicts of interest they pose is already shaky — and any separation at all rests wholly on his promise not to talk to his sons about them. None of the parties involved have provided any way to verify that this promise has been kept — and now, reports keep leaking out from Trump Jr. and Eric Trump themselves that President Trump is much more informed on his businesses than he alleges.

It’s just one more piece of evidence that Trump’s separation from his businesses is no more than a corporate shell game, and that there is little to stop him from making decisions as president that enrich him personally.

“He is breaking down one of the few barriers he claimed to be establishing between him and his businesses, and those barriers themselves were weak to begin with. But if he is now going to get reports from his son about the businesses, then he really isn’t separate in any real way,” Larry Noble, general counsel of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center and a former chief ethics officer at the Federal Election Commission, told Forbes.

Think Progress has the full story.

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