Acts of Defiance.

Image: Charlotte Cooper, CC-BY.

Maryland is leading an action which is poised to be picked up by lawmakers across the country. The federal de-funding of Planned Parenthood clinics is not sitting well with constituents far and wide, and they are making their voices known.

Every dollar that the Trump administration takes away from Planned Parenthood in Maryland will be replaced by state funds (about $2.7M), which will save about $6 for every dollar it puts in, because when women are in charge of their own fertility, they don’t end up raising kids they can’t afford.

State lawmakers across the USA are planning to follow suit. Maryland’s Republican state governor Larry Hogan didn’t even try to veto the bill, having seen what happened when federal Republicans tried to take away health care — and women are disproportionately willing to rise up to fight for their rights.

Boing Boing has the story.


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    It’s sad that we’re infested with billionaire assholes who are content to defund a couple million dollars, to push their political agenda -- and willing to spend 10 times that to get their pet asshole elected. This is the sort of thing a “failed state” has to do.

    I’m cheering for Maryland, though!! Planned Parenthood of Baltimore was pretty good to a friend back in the late 70s, and I’ve occasionally donated to them ever since, and they are in my will.

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