1. says

    That was obviously the dominant seagull at that location. It saw me, came close, chased off all interlopers, then gave me the evil eye. Sadly for it I’m an atheist and not subject to religious intimidation so it went off empty beaked.
    The old mill has been saved from the developers who given the chance would erase every sign of history and replace it with ultra modern tat. A short segment of ancient wharf survives next to a bunch of expensive boat moorings.

  2. rq says

    Those eyes…!
    Far from being evil, I think they’re quite captivating! Then again, I wasn’t holding any lunch in their presence… :D

  3. kestrel says

    Well give that seagull credit, he sure tried to get lunch. Look at that intense gaze.

    I love that last one of the wood all worn out like that. Really cool.

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