A BIG Book!




Oh, if I had young sprogs, I’d get these books in a heartbeat, which puts a whole new spin on interactive books.

The Big Book is precisely that – a children’s story that unfolds into a gigantic single sheet, revealing a beautiful illustration of something central to the story. The redesigned children’s fairytale adds another dimension of interactivity to storytelling, allowing kids read a story with their eyes, ears and whole body.

It was originally designed by Japanese illustrator Mao Fujimoto in 2011 as a school project (we actually covered it back then, so we’re super happy it’s finally been turned into a product). Fujimoto came up with the idea by following a keen fascination about what it would be like to ride on the turtle, which carries the young fisherman to a sub-sea palace in Urashima Taro, one of Japan’s most beloved stories.

Now, Urashima Taro and The Giant Turnip have been turned into real books thanks to Seigensha Art Publishing. Each features Fujimoto’s beautiful illustrations accompanied by story text in both Japanese and English. So not only is it great for storytelling, it’s also useful for learning another language!

Because it’s designed to be spread out on the floor and walked/crawled on, the books are made from water-resistant, highly durable paper so it holds up to toddler abuse.

You can see, and read much more at Spoon & Tamago.


  1. rq says

    How cool is that! The turnip looks like fun, but that turtle -- certainly not a lap-top book, need the whole floor for this one!

  2. blf says

    certainly not a lap-top book

    The forty-foot high killer rats wouldn’t have a problem, albeit they might eat the turtle — and everything else in the room…

    (Or at least pee on it, The BIG Book of BIG Rat’s Pee.)

  3. says


    (Or at least pee on it, The BIG Book of BIG Rat’s Pee.)

    That’s about right. Especially if Vala the Brave had anything to do with it, she’s a champion pisser.

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    Oh this is wonderful. I know a wee little stinker who’s getting some Big Books for her birthday!

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