Now It’s Microwave Ovens.



Oh gods, Kellyanne Conway. Who on earth let her back on television? In attempts to wave aside the whole “President Obama wiretapped me!” delusions of Mr. Tweet, she brings up ‘an article’ about surveillance, which sounds like it either came out of Breitbart or The Tin Hat Times. To People in general: NO, your microwave oven is not watching you. It’s not taking your photo. It’s not recording you, either.

Q: Do you know if Trump Tower was wiretapped?

Kellyanne: There was an article this week – you can be spied on via a camera in your microwave.

Though Trump initially accused Obama of “tapping my phones in October,” Conway suggested the surveillance might have gone much further than that. Asked by The Bergen Record if she “know[s] whether Trump Tower was wiretapped?” Conway replied, “What I can say is that there are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately. There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways. Microwaves that turn into cameras, etcetera.”

Microwaves that turn into cameras. Earlier, Ms. Conway deflected questions by stating that she wasn’t Inspector Gadget. I think perhaps she’s been watching too much Inspector Gadget.

(WikiLeaks’ recent dump of CIA documents indicates some microwaves have the capability to be used as cameras. It appears Conway’s claim was based on that.)

I don’t think that would be much of a concern in the Trump household, would it? Do they ever actually set foot in a kitchen, or know what anything is for, and how to use it? I’d think a microwave would be out of the question, because it would be difficult to have one gold plated. (If there is a gold plated microwave out there, I beg of you, please let me live in ignorance.)

Later, on Good Morning America, host George Stephanopoulos asked Conway was asked why she would suggest Obama using high-tech microwaves to surveil her boss “without any evidence.” Conway responded by saying she was actually referring to surveillance capabilities in general, not what did or did not happen in Trump Tower specifically, and acknowledged she has no evidence that Trump was surveilled whatsoever.

“No, of course I don’t have evidence for these allegations,” Conway said.

That rather sums up the whole fuckin’ regime. The full story is at Think Progress.


  1. says

    Oh yes. The problem being that there are a surplus of Americans who will immediately fall for it, probably start chucking their microwaves out the window, but not their television sets!

  2. Kengi says

    Microwave oven turning into a spy camera? Not possible. Trump’s unsecured Samsung Galaxy S3, which he continues to use for his Twitter addiction? Yes, that could be turned into a spy camera or listening device and is a security problem. But it isn’t Hillary using the unsecured phone while in the White House, so “nothing to see here” except for the Obama-controlled microwave oven spy-o-matic which can cook a taco bowl while spying on a turkey all in under three minutes.

  3. says

    I have tried (and failed) to find gold-plated microvawe.

    @Kengi, I hope, really hope, that someone manages to hack his phone and thus exposes him for the hippocrite he is.

  4. says

    Maybe this is all an attempt to condition the populace so that a mere ordinary liar will look like a fountain of righteous truth in comparison. Perhaps Trump is the Overton Window presidency.

  5. says


    Perhaps Trump is the Overton Window presidency.

    I think he’s already that. Pity there’s no gods to help us.

  6. busterggi says

    I watch the Carbonnaro Effect so no idea is too dumb for me to believe people will fall for it.

  7. says


    I watch the Carbonnaro Effect

    No idea what that is, but yes, people will fall for this. Already are, if you go by the search strings on my stats:

    microwave camera
    microwave oven controlled by cell phone can be camera

    There are times I miss TV, because I have no doubt some show or other will be flooded with clips of people doing very strange things to their microwave ovens.

  8. Lofty says

    “Hey kids, wanna stop Obama from spying at you from the microwave? Here’s a dead easy way to stop it! Fill yer microwave with balls of crumpled foil and turn the sucker on!! Watch the sparks and flames go directly into Obama’s ears!!! PS just remember to pull the plug before Obama’s Fire Brigade comes to spy on you instead.”

  9. mostlymarvelous says

    I can’t be the only one who thought … Uh, oh.

    Kellyanne heard about microwave “technologies” being used (possibly this sort of thing, ) for surveillance by various government agencies. Instead of thinking in terms of energy or directed beams or asking for details of this mysterious capacity, she instantly went to the one and only microwave ‘technology’ she knows.
    The microwave oven.

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