Oh, I has all the loot, with deepest thanks to my Marcus. Not long ago, my beloved little Samsung netbook suffered a dead screen. It’s old, so replacement isn’t an option, and the cost would likely be more than I paid in the first place, even if I could find a new screen. That little netbook was the one computer that actually managed to last around me, and I have missed it. Now I has another one! And external hard drives. And a DVD player. And more magical laundry liquid (which, if you start using, will soon find addictive). And incense with a sublime scent! Imma go play for a while now. *Happy*


  1. says

    :D I love the magical laundry liquid! Works great and smells fabulous. And I always have laundry to do. Stuff seems to magically pile up when I’m not looking.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    *Pictures jeans and shirts shuffling into the laundry basket, socks, t-shirts and underwear bouncing and cartwheeling in.*


  3. says


    Saint Marcus saves the day

    He really did -- yesterday, there was an odd noise coming out of Hekate’s (old machine) adapter, and it turns out it’s not good, so I have a machine with no power. I doubt I can find a replacement cord, the plug into the machine is a strange one, proprietary, I assume.

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