Naked Owls.

Anan Kaewkhammul / Shutterstock.

Anan Kaewkhammul / Shutterstock.

Owls are, of course, amazing. They can rotate their head almost 360 degrees, they have lopsided ears – all the better for hearing you with, my dear – and are collectively known as a parliament.

The Internet, however, is freaking out at what they look like naked.

Twitter user Dana Schwartz is obviously of curious, and brave, mind as she googled the now immortal words “what owls look like without feathers”, which produced this image that you now cannot unsee.

People had all manner of fun in the tweet stream, happily obliging with photos of other naked beings:

A hairless hedgehog. That’s something to curse about!

Via IFLScience!

I can sort of add to the nekkid animals. This is Rune, (pronounced Rooh neh) who has been hairless most of his short life, and just now has developed a very fine, sparse coat of sorts. There are two others like him, but Rune grabbed my heart from the start. He’s a sweet, shy boy, with a penchant for perching on top of my head, much like his grandmother, Grace. Somewhere in that line, there was a hairless rat or two.

Rune1 Rune2 Rune4


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Ooh, the feathers are such a big part of a bird. Without the plumage, the owl is more like a cartoon chicken.

    The bare hedgehog skin is reminiscent of elephant skin.

    Rune is a fitting name for a Rattus norvegicus.

  2. blf says

    This is a good time for peeking at nude penguins, since, broadly speaking, they are in their moulting period, and less en-tuxedoed then usual…

    And, as mentioned previously, this is also Penguin Awareness Day, please send all cheese offerings to You-Know-Who, Deep Smoking Craters, France.

  3. Patricia Phillips says

    Rune is adorable!

    Several months ago there was an article about a hairless hamster (who had some sweaters knitted by someone) up for adoption. My daughter fell in love, but we couldn’t adopt the hamster as she was in a city about 1000 miles away from us…

  4. says

    Ice Swimmer:

    Rune is a fitting name for a Rattus norvegicus.

    Yes. Also just a fine fitting name for a shy, secretive boy. :D

    rq, I know, I just haven’t had time! I’ll try to get pics now and then. As it stands, Rune may not forgive me for that photo session for some while!

    Patricia, thanks! Some years back, we almost bought a couple of hairless girls, they were adorable.

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