Lui Ferreyra.



Artist Lui Ferreyra draws colorful portraits of hands and faces, works that use discrete shapes of color as highlights and shadows. These geometric fragments are blended by the viewer’s eye rather than the artist’s hand, producing color fields that Ferreyra intends to call attention to the connection between seeing and language.

“There’s a double move at play here,” explains Ferreyra’s website about his work. “The first move is substantiated by a geometric matrix which functions as surface: it embraces and emphasizes the aspect of flatness within a complex network of geometric shapes, each unique unto itself. The second move is fulfilled by the cumulative effect of all the shapes functioning together as a color-field in which each shape contextualizes every other shape, thereby providing all the necessary visual cueing to manifest a kind of window one can look through. Surface and window, at and through, like language which points both at the world and back at itself.”

You can see more of Ferreyra’s colorful drawings, in addition to oil paintings, on InstagramFacebook, or William Havu Gallery where he is represented.

This is incredibly beautiful work, and allows shape and colour to be shifted by the viewer’s eye, making each perception unique.

Via Colossal Art.


  1. rq says

    I have a weird recollection of a high school art project where the point was to do something similar. Or just someone I knew drew in that style. Or something.
    What I mean to say is this art speaks to me, from the colours to the vivacity of the images to the expressiveness of the figures.

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