Philando Castile: 2nd Degree Manslaughter Charge.

Philando Castile (What's Trending).

Philando Castile (What’s Trending).

The murderer of Philando Castile is going to be charged with second degree manslaughter, an absolute disgrace of a mild slap, given the circumstances and actions of that murder.

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi has announced that the police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile this year will face charges of second-degree manslaughter.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Choi said that after a thorough investigation of the incident, authorities had determined that the use of deadly force against Castile was not justified.

Choi said that Officer Jeronimo Yanez shot Castile a total of seven times, and added that Castile used his final words to tell the officer that he wasn’t reaching for his gun.

All that merits is second degree manslaughter? Seems like straight up murder to me. What about the trauma inflicted on his girlfriend and her small child? Do they count at all? The murder of Mr. Castile was a very loud symptom of the sickness in this country, a sickness which has accelerated and is getting worse by the moment. Trying to downplay the actions of bigoted cops is not going to help. I’m too disgusted for words.

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  1. Crimson Clupeidae says

    I’m surprised they got that much, frankly.

    I want to say ‘baby steps’ but each baby step seems to involve many dead people, and that’s just fucked up.

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