1. says

    I wouldn’t share my corn on the cob either.
    Did I ever tell the story of how #1 shared a carrot with one of the rabbits?
    She took a bite, let the rabbit nibble, took a bite, held it out to the rabbit who lodged his teeth into the carrot and took off. The look on her face was worth a hundred carrots.

  2. gobi's sockpuppet's meatpuppet says

    Just happened to be listening to Porcupine Tree when I saw this.
    The universe is truly connected!

  3. rq says

    I had Mexican street corn for the first time in August (while in Canada). That, I wouldn’t share with anyone, either.
    Plain old corn-on-the-cob -- mm, that I might. Might.

    (I’m always surprisingly impressed with the size of rodent teeth. Never, ever putting any fingers near that set of incisors.)

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