1. AlexanderZ says

    Those pictures are all fun until you realize that the reason crows like the tracks so much is because that’s a good source for dead cats and dogs.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Roadkill is quite rare here, even on train tracks. The tram tracks in Helsinki are kept clean, especially in the autumn and winter because leaves, ice and snow make the trams difficult to stop. Also, the trams and tracks are a long term investment, expensive to replace and thus it makes sense take good care of them. Furthermore, feral cats and dogs are next to nonexistent in Helsinki (and rare in the rest of Finland).

    The urban crows in Helsinki tend to eat all kinds of food dropped by humans. Of course, if they find carrion, they’ll have it if they can.

  3. AlexanderZ says

    Ice Swimmer #2
    That cheers me up. Over here the crows start the day by looking under cars in the parking lot for dead cats and I knew one very smart and bossy crow that used to sit on a tree in busy junction and scream at passing cars if they didn’t kill enough critters.
    It sounds like Helsinki is a very well managed place with a good municipality.

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