“Make America rape again.”

Nick Bata - Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner in North Dakota (Photo: Facebook).

Nick Bata – Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner in North Dakota (Photo: Facebook).

Right, as if Ndakota and Ndakotans have not been embarrassing enough lately. Now we have a flaming doucheweasel of an asshole, one Nick Bata. He’s a libertarian. And like most libertarians, shines a bright light on the sheer idiocy most of them happily embrace. At least he’s in West Fargo, not Bismarck, but I sure as hell wish he wasn’t anywhere on Turtle Island. Mr. Bata is a creep of the first water, and oh yes, most certainly a rape apologist.

WEST FARGO, N.D.—A Libertarian candidate for North Dakota Insurance Commissioner has been in a battle of words on the Internet over his comments on rape and women stripping.

In one comment, Nick Bata of West Fargo wrote “Make America Rape” again.

In started off with his post about sexual consent on Sept. 30 and quickly spiraled into an all-out battle of the keyboards with rape and stripping getting thrown into the conversation.

“If people don’t agree with them, they will attack you like a bunch of rabid, wild hyenas,” said Bata. “I tried to have to have a very civil engagements,” said Bata.

His comments ranged from saying rape culture doesn’t exist in this country to saying stripping is some women’s best way to make a living.

But it was the “Make America Rape Again” comment that caused several people to write about how disturbing it was.

“Yes, I wrote Make America Rape again. And in the context because of course they deleted some of the comments because that’s how they operate. They lurk in the dark and edit things, and by me not complying with their world view, I was labeled a rape apologist, I was labeled disgusting, all sorts of pejorative words, and they labeled me a Trump supporter because hey, if you’re not with us, you’re a Trump supporter, and in sarcasm, which leftist supporters can’t understand sarcasm, they misinterpreted this,” said Bata.

“It’s a free society, nobody makes these decisions. If you can’t handle someone’s free speech, that’s your problem not mine,” said Bata.

Goodness, what a charmer. Thanks ever, Mr. Bata, for condoning rape and sexual assault as no big deal. As for your free speech, I think someone needs to take your keyboard away, and put some duct tape to creative use.

Jess Roscoe posted the original article that started the firestorm–and can’t believe what it turned into.

“Even if it’s a play on Donald Trump and his campaign slogan, it doesn’t make that remark acceptable or constructive to any conversation,” said Roscoe.

“As a woman those comments are troubling, and I think that it’s a snapshot at the sorts of comments and beliefs that are said on a daily basis that a lot of people don’t think they’re contributing to something so negative,” said Roscoe.

It’s troubling to me also, as a woman, but I really think this should be troubling to everyone. This is not a lightweight matter, and as Ms. Roscoe notes, these types of remarks and commentary are not only common, but there is always someone who is listening, and hears the implicit consent to commit sexual assault or rape.

Bata said he has no regrets about his comments. “None of it,” he said. “I stand by everything. Why should i apologize and to who?”

Bata said he doesn’t plan on dropping out of the race.

The Libertarian party of North Dakota didn’t immediately respond.

Off the cuff, Mr. Bata, I’d say you should apologize to all people everywhere for pretending to be a human being. You’re doing one shitty job at it.

Via Jamestown Sun.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    Oops at my # 1 -- Bata has moved on to the meta-Gross-Obscene-Pigs crowd.

    I considered another insolent pun, but I have more respect for actual libertines than that.

  2. rq says

    “They lurk in the dark and edit things”. Really.
    I mean, there’s things I get nervous about walking to the train after dark, but honestly? Editors isn’t usually one of them.
    (On the other hand, if editors do work in the dark, it rather explains some of that literature of questionable quality out there.)

    More seriously, this guy is utterly disgusting. He’s a Trump supporter by proxy -- by his support of rape culture in general, he’s definitely condoning Trump’s past actions.
    This guy is a fine example of why Libertarians scare me.

  3. says


    “They lurk in the dark and edit things”. Really.

    Oh, I know. Bata is the kind of asshole who thinks the only important interaction on the ‘net is whatever he writes. I can only hope this causes him to crash and burn, but in the current climate, there’s no guarantee of that happening. I have no doubt there are plenty of men willing to support him. It would be nice if the libertarian party spoke up about their little candidate, who thinks rape is oh so funny.

    Also, I want to know where one applies to get a job as a lurking internet editor.

  4. rq says

    It would be nice if the libertarian party spoke up about their little candidate, who thinks rape is oh so funny.

    Well, there goes my vote for Gary Johnson.

  5. says

    but I sure as hell wish he wasn’t anywhere on Turtle Island.

    Can we stop that, please? I know the power balance runs in the opposite direction here, but “I wished horrible people were somewhere else” isn’t really a solution to horrible people and to me it echoes the sentiments of deportation too much.

  6. says

    Giliell @ 7:

    You’re right, I’m sorry, and I’ll watch myself in the future. It’s more a matter that I sometimes want to be able to wish some people, like Mr. Bata, into the cornfield.

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