Field Day with My Little Assholes.



A white teacher in Maryland faced backlash after she posted photos of Black children used for humor and called them a degrading name.

In images sent to Atlanta Black Star from an anonymous source, Kelly Forostiak uses her students as props on Instagram. Her page – which is no longer available – showed she is a teacher at Deer Park Elementary in Maryland.

According to the source, Forostiak graduated from Urbana High School in Ijamsville, Maryland in 2010. Below, the teacher jokingly calls her fifth-grade students “little a——- that I somehow still love.”

There’s a whole lot more at the article, including many of the various responses from people. For me, this one summed up best:


These comments man…Black adults justifying a white woman calling black children assholes…this is why we can’t win. We won’t even defend our children. I don’t know of any other race of people that would stand for their children being called assholes by their teachers on social media! Tf is wrong with us? “Some of them probably as bad as fuck tho” “some kids are assholes”…OKAY AND I WONDER WHERE THEY GOT IT FROM. Kids don’t pick up bad behavior and attitudes from nowhere. Gtfoh…

I’d be willing to bet there isn’t a parent alive, or any adult who works with children who has not had at least one “little asshole” thought moment, or as Stephen King once said, dark fantasies about crucifying their kids to the walls, but you don’t say that stuff out loud to the children. I will not defend any adult who says such utter isht to children, and apparently, everyone thought the costumes and racist captions weren’t even much worth mentioning.

Regardless of the social media divide, The Baltimore Sun reported Forostiak’s expletive caused her to face disciplinary action. Baltimore County schools spokesperson Mychael Dickerson told the newspaper Forostiak regretted posting the image and making the comments. Dickerson declined to detail exactly what punishment the teacher will face. However, he noted Forostiak is currently employed in the school system and accepts her discipline.

I rather expect that means a slap on the wrist, a la “FFS, don’t be a moron on social media!”

Full story at Atlanta Black Star.


  1. rq says

    Okay. Sometimes, I say things about my kids. To myself in my head, or sometimes to my husband, because it’s how we get through it.
    BUT. They’re my kids (legally and biologically) and I live with them. I’m not a teacher, and I don’t post things on social media that are plainly negative, no matter how many times someone might call it a ‘joke’.
    Yup, kids can be assholes. But it’s not something that you as a teacher or other public authority figure should be posting online to a wide audience. It’s just not funny, or cute.

    And the racism part, I can’t even. Sorry white people are such dumb shits.

  2. says

    1. As a teacher, you don’t take pictures of your students and post them on your private page. You don’t. God, I’d be so fired and never employed again.
    2. You don’t publicly say such things about them. Ever. End of story. You can vent in the staff room, or at home with your partner, but not on social media.
    3. Fuck that racist white supremacy for brains person.

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