We’re heading out to the camps today, should be back on Thursday. If we end up gassed, dog bit, or arrested, might be a bit longer. Hopefully, there will be much to share on our return. I already know I’m not going to want to come back home. Sometimes, having dependent pets is kind of a drag. The Daily Bird is scheduled for the next few days, and that’s as exciting as things will be, I’m not set up for live blogging and all that jazz, and no electricity, because camping.


  1. kestrel says

    Hugs. May it go well.

    I hope the judge, who’s decision is due on the 9th, has a grip on reality. The oil company has shown **INCREDIBLE** bad faith. :-(

  2. rq says

    Stay safe, have a good time, and may it go well. Can’t wait to hear/see about your experiences afterward!

  3. says

    We’re here! Thank you all. It’s great, the camps just go on and on and on and on, and the rows of flags! No way to get them all in one shot. Rick’s in the kitchen already, helping to make frybread. Lots of photos already, but I forgot to put editing software on this stupid laptop. If I can get some posted, I will. Haven’t been here long, but already, I don’t want to leave.

    We’re camped in the Oglala camp, right by one of the horse corrals. :D It’s amazing out here.

  4. says

    Decision just came in -- the judge denied Standing Rock a restraining order. Did see the Ft. Mojave delegation come in, with songs, dance, a huge banner with signatures, and a check for 10,000 dollars! Really upset about the decision, but it’s done.

  5. says

    Is there an address where people can send stuff for the people in the encampment? I have a couple finnish army gas masks and a few folding solar laptop/universal USB chargers and some first aid kids (not major trauma type but: camping) I could have ’em boxed and out the door jiffy-like.

    Restraining order: the US has the best justice system money can buy.

  6. Ice Swimmer says

    Here’s a link to the report by Democracy Now., shared already about 5,300 as I’m writing this.

    This time TYT wasn’t chuckling about hippies, instead, they were clearly on the protectors’ side and very critical of the violent tactics of the pipeline company (Kasparian and Iadarola were the hosts). There are two clips new on the Youtube channel of the main show about the issue. The ones that came out 2 weeks ago got about 100k views (not huge but at least the word is spread)
    The clips from the main show contain mostly old news for the readers of this blog, I guess, but this clip from TYT Politics is powerful:

    An interview of Ta’Sina Sapa Win by Jordan Chariton

  7. says

    Marcus, yes, on the Sacred Stone Camp go fund me page, if you scroll down, the post address is there. The camp go fund me page is linked here about a thousand times.

    Just got settled into our camp for the night, singing is still going, and people still coming and going all over, horses neighing, fires dotting the land everywhere. Moon is low, stars like you wouldn’t believe. Cold though, but sitting in the communal area tonight, someone came by and draped a large down jacket over me, and later, I was offered a blanket. I wrapped Rick up in our pow wow blanket. Supper was buffalo, squash and hominy stew, with frybread, and wojapi. Wojapi! I wasn’t going anywhere until I had some. Chokecherry and buffalo berry. Lots more to write, and relate, but that’s all for now. Everyone is safe and well.

  8. rq says

    the judge denied Standing Rock a restraining order

    Does the judge have to provide a basis for that decision? Not that the excuses matter, really.
    Enjoy yourself, it sounds like a wonderful atmosphere overall (despite the original negative reason for gathering) and delicious food! Stay safe -- and warm, I guess!! ♥

  9. Menyambal says

    I watched some video of the people versus the bulldozers and the dogs. The pipeline company really is heartless.

    Good luck to all, and thanks for this post and the beautiful updates.

  10. says

    Oh, one important bit of news: it was found out that the dogs used to attack the protectors were brought through several states illegally -- they were not, obviously, properly trained guard or service animals. Several more lawyers have joined the camp, and are out at the construction sites with the protectors. We’re getting lawyers trained in treaty law, too.

  11. rq says

    Several more lawyers have joined the camp, and are out at the construction sites with the protectors. We’re getting lawyers trained in treaty law, too.

    Oh good!!! Especially that second sentence.

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