Baltimore: Good Ol’ Boys Club Convention.

Baltimore police conference protest (Photo: Baynard Woods/Twitter).

Baltimore police conference protest (Photo: Baynard Woods/Twitter).

There is the woman being publicly strip-searched after being stopped for a missing headlight. There are the officers coercing sex from prostitutes in exchange for avoiding arrest, planting drugs on people they stopped, cursing “shut the fuck up bitch” because they are “the fucking law.” There is the supervisor telling officers “to arrest ‘all the black hoodies’ in a neighborhood.” There are officers using templates for arrests where they only had to fill in dates and names — the words “black male” were already inked in.

Running to 163 pages, the Department of Justice report on the ongoing abuse inflicted upon African Americans by the Baltimore police is full of stories like these.

In light of the DOJ report on just how corrupt the Baltimore cops shops are, of course the staunch defenders of bigoted, killer cops, the FOP, decided to have their conference, which was protested. Well, for a while, at least, until all those pesky persons insistent on pointing to reality were arrested.

Baltimore police arrested a dozen protesters at the Hyatt Regency on Sunday afternoon where the state Fraternal Order of Police was holding a conference.

Some of the protesters refused to leave the hotel on Light Street, blocked access to an escalator and chained themselves to railings as part of a demonstration against discriminatory police practices.

The group, some of whom were with the activist group Baltimore BLOC, were joining hands and carrying signs that read “Abolish Racist F.O.P.”

After refusing orders to leave about 1:45 p.m., officers and firefighters cut the demonstrators’ chains and took them into custody. They’re charged with trespassing.

The protest comes following the release of a Justice Department report that detailed decades of wrongdoing within the Baltimore Police Department, including discrimination against blacks and use of excessive force.

Among those arrested were three Baltimore women, ages 21-30, a 24-year-old Baltimore man, two Washington, D.C. men, ages 26 and 34, a 24-year-old D.C. woman, a 26-year-old Columbia man, an 18-year-old Ellicott City man, a 39-year-old Montgomery County woman, a 30-year-old Pikesville man, and a 22-year-old Chicago woman, according to police.

In a statement, the group said they are targeting the FOP because they prioritize the legal protection of their officers over public safety:

“We will take the streets throughout the conference as a continuation of #Afromation–a movement begun in our city last month to affirm Black life and uproot a racist system which denies poor and Black communities their right to freedom and justice. We are targeting the FOP because we know that the FOP is not a Union. The FOP is a “good ol’ boys club” that prioritizes the legal protection for their officers over public safety and justice. They are a private institution whose primary purpose is to protect their members, not as workers, but rather as a protected class–above the law and unaccountable in their systematic brutality, misogyny, and racism. Our actions are taken in unity with the visionary platform released earlier this month by The Movement for Black Lives, and in response to the recently released Department of Justice report which found that the Baltimore Police Department routinely violates the civil rights of Baltimore residents, using excessive force particularly against those who are Black, poor, trans, differently-abled, children, victims of sexual assault, or otherwise especially vulnerable.”

The protesters outlined a list of demands for state and local officials:

  • Release the names of the officers who shot Korryn Gaines, a 23-year-old woman who was fatally shot recently by Baltimore County Police following an armed standoff;
  • Include elected citizens/residents on the Police Trial Board;
  • Close all 79 FOP lodges in Maryland and reopen them as community centers and homeless shelters;
  • Do away with internal investigations of police misconduct and replace them with external investigations;
  • Introduce community oversight to the FOP collective bargaining process;
  • Divest from, and demilitarize, the police force.

Via CBS Baltimore And Raw Story. Baltimore BLOC twitter feed.


  1. says

    Ah the hyatt regency downtown. That place has seen some shit.

    Good on the protesters for helping rain on the ole boys parade. Fascists gotta fash but nobody should cut them any slack. Think how much spit and jizz they eat whenever they hold an event at a place that caters it. It’s a cheerful thought.

  2. Crimson Clupeidae says

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    I don’t see anything in there saying the people can’t protest police actions, and specifically saying that they can, as part of the final clause. I wish the ACLU would go after more of these. And really emphasize the 9th and 10th amendments, which SCOTUS really likes to ignore.

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