1. Kengi says

    Oh wow. Nice catch!

    She looks like a cobweb spider, but hunting instead of web catching.

  2. rq says

    It’s a crab spider, I believe. The fly was either already dead or in paralysis, and the poor spider was having issues maneuvering it around the rose bloom. In the end, I accidentally knocked the flower with my hand and the spider lost the fly in a petal crevasse. No dinner for you, Spidey! (Sorry.)

  3. blf says

    I believe crab spiders are ambush hunters

    You stole the dinner of an ambush hunder!?
    The spiders are gonna be paying you a visitambush to let you know just what they think of dinner thieves. Indeed, the spider who lives on the back of my monitor is jumping up-and-down, shaking and waving all legs, and either screaming curses or doing the haka. Yoose is ins troubles!

  4. ledasmom says

    Crab spider! So pretty. My mother’s garden in Uniontown had lots of these, and they would go all sorts of pastels: pink, peach, yellow, pale green. They are delicate little things, and look at this one with the (relatively) huge fly.

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