Cicada Hawks Everywhere!

From Kengi, who relates a common photographic problem – you spend ages stalking an elusive critter, finally get that shot, and afterwards, they all show up in force.

After two weeks of not being able to get a shot of the one, they can’t stop posing for me now. You know how that goes. Part of it is, that for those two weeks, there was only one cicada hawk around. Then there were four. This morning there were at least six or more.
They are definitely just like hummingbirds. They spend more time and energy chasing each other around than they do feeding. A giant field of flowers, but they all want the same corner. They were all buzzing around me as I took the pictures.

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And, a bonus video!

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  1. Kengi says

    That one was definitely a camera hog. It took forever for it to figure out how the shutter self-timer worked.

  2. says

    I’ve had that happen before, where a critter latches onto the camera, and I’ve had to set it down and go get a different one to get the shot!

    I always have to go back to the book to remember how to set the bloody timer, I don’t use that very much.

  3. Kengi says

    It’s pretty easy for me to remember since it’s the same button for setting remote shutter, which I use a lot. But the cicada hawk obviously wasn’t familiar with Nikons, and I was too busy trying to take my own pictures to spend too much time explaining the user interface to it.

  4. rq says

    This are large insects! And I love the sound they make. The video is extremely relaxing; you should loop it for a 12-hour video. :D

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