1. Kengi says

    On the dragonfly, I took the lead from Giliell and focused on the wings instead of the face and it really made the picture jump out.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    The dragonfly is hairy as is the green/yellow maidenfly with the pouty green lips.

    The summer light is hot in the photos.

  3. rq says

    The dragonflies are stunning, love the focus on the wings, I mean dragonfly eyes stand out rather well as is!
    I’m in love with the little black damselfly, though. So delicate.

    Is that a colorado beetle? I have a special hate-spot for them, because their grubs eat all the potatoes before we get to them in fall. But I think it isn’t, though the colouring is close.

  4. Kengi says


    Is that a colorado beetle?

    It’s related to the Colorado beetle but is a different subspecies. It’s a three-lined potato beetle (lema daturaphila).

    Ice Swimmer:

    The summer light is hot in the photos.

    We’ve had a run of bright sunny days for a couple of weeks now. Even with rain on a couple of mornings the sky always turned blue and clear by mid day. At least up until today which is heavily overcast right now. I’ve taken advantage of all that bright sunshine and went crazy with the camera in the back yard.

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