Moms: A Prevalent Stink in the Nation.

Rev. John Butler Book of Christian Viewpoint Ministry (Photo: Screen capture)

Rev. John Butler Book of Christian Viewpoint Ministry (Photo: Screen capture)

John Butler Book is all upset about women. Those women who happen to be parents, especially. Seems you aren’t staying at home, cooking enough apple pies or something.

Those celebrating the sweet land of liberty and thankful for soldiers who fought and died to protect American freedom are all wasting their time according to Rev. John Butler Book of Christian Viewpoint Ministry.

“We have a future leadership in our country of young people that have been devoid of that all important ingredient in the home called mother. That male ingredient called father,” Butler Book said.


The reason he concluded is because family values aren’t what they once were. “The home has literally been destroyed.”

The Equal Rights Amendment, which never passed the necessary states by the 1982 deadline, enslaved women, according to Butler Book. “They left the home, left their children, left their husbands, divorce rates skyrocketed,” he said. Women then continued the decline of society by listening to “fashion artists,” many of whom “are homosexuals,” and “began to dress like men.” It wasn’t long before lesbianism caught on and became popular.

Instead, Butler Book believes our society should be more like the “Andy Griffith Show,” where Aunt Bea and Andy’s girlfriend were both wearing dresses.

“But you see, we have created an atmosphere of brainwashing and accepted it without any knowledge that we are a part and parcel of the problem because the missing link of the home is more than a prevalent stink in the nation, and that is mom,” he closed.

A thought, Reverend – if you are so terribly concerned about what goes on in the home, and, as you say, are a part and parcel of the problem, how about preaching to the men who are parents about the joys and rewards of being a SAHD? Some of that there prevalent stink might up and disappear.

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  1. blf says

    This fruitkook has it, of course, all backwards. If them icky wimmin stayed at home, then the houses would fill up with cooties. Obviously not desirable. By dispersing them icky wimmin out into the wild world, the in-house cootie concentration is reduced. Whilst there are now small clouds of cooties elsewhere — basically, anywhere them icky wimmin stand still, congregate, or breathe — the density is frequently low enough that dialing up the misogyny to 11 or so disperses it.

  2. Siobhan says

    But women still wear dresses or choose to be stay at home moms…?

    The fuck is the actual problem? Women having choices?!

  3. says


    Women having choices?!

    Yep, I think that’s the problem right there. We’re all supposed to be knocked up, in the kitchen, being quiet.

  4. Bruce says

    If Book or his friends want women or anyone to stay at home with the kids, then they need to lobby Congress to raise the minimum wage enough that two-parent households can have a decent standard of living with only one employed. This is on those right wingers to stop opposing the American standard of living, and to stop their enabling of the corporatist 1%, who leave it to the maid and the nanny.
    By the way, the existence of maids and nannys depends on those being some of the better jobs those people can get. If we raised the minimum wage to around the $21/hour it should be, then one person could work 9-5 as a nanny, and their spouse could stay at home with their own kids. Nobody needs to be persuaded to stay with their own kids. People just need to be funded.
    Of course, the right wing ignores one-parent families in all this. Maybe if everyone made more, more people could afford to meet and date and marry etc. But if not, a higher wage would still be better for those families, whose kids have equal rights even if just one parent.
    So the moralizers are exposed as hypocrites for agreeing to carry water politically for the exploiter class. They need to take the Jesus-damned beams out of their own eyes, and start marching with the Democrats and the Greens, if they don’t want to be the hypocrites who are promoting the very problems they complain about.

  5. says


    I want to listen to him, but that jacket just isn’t working.

    The author of the article called it a banana suit. :D

  6. DonDueed says

    What Bruce said. Women today have to work, only a small percentage of people earn enough to support a family on one salary. That really started happening back in the 70s, when the unions started getting busted and the middle class went into decline.

    If this meatball really wanted women to be able to stay home, he should be out on the picket line or lobbying Congress to address income inequality. Any bets on where he stands on those issues?

    Re: dresses: I knew a nurse practitioner who used to say, “Now that we’ve got women wearing pants, we should be getting guys to wear dresses.” She was talking about keeping the testicles at the proper temperature, but it was funny anyway.

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