Elephant Art

If you find yourself in the market for something truly special, consider elephant art.  I’m in love with Aleena’s Garden Dance, and have been saving pennies, but I wouldn’t hold even the thought of a grudge if someone snapped it up. It all goes to help the artists, and to enable other artists to be rescued.

Garden Dance, © Aleena (May).

Garden Dance, © Aleena (May).

Aleena was born on May 6, 2004. Her father is Phra-may and her mother is Poomphaung, another Novica-featured elephant artist. Aleena’s nickname is May and she weighs 3,329 pounds. The young pachyderm is very friendly. She is practicing to play in the elephant orchestra, however she is already a skilled painter. To read more about Aleena, click the link and scroll down.

Music Lover, by Nammoey.

Music Lover, © Nammoey.

Born in 2009, Nammoey is a young female who survived elephant traffickers thanks to the forest officers who work to enforce the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Law. They found her near the Salween River in Sobmoey, Mae Hong Son, and placed her in the care of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center-TECC. To read more about Nammoey, click the link and scroll down.

Autumn Flower, by Bai-Tong.

Autumn Flower, © Bai-Tong.

Bai-tong enjoys painting so much that she sometimes takes a firm grip on the paintbrush and refuses to return it to the trainer. She is much loved by the TECC staff and every tourist who has seen her. To read more about Bai-Tong, click the link and scroll down.


  1. dakotagreasemonkey says

    You showed me these elephant artists about a year ago. They are amazing. I just happen to be re-reading the story of Elephant Bill, in Burma, WW II. Amazing coincidence.
    Beautiful art, specially the use of negative space.
    Wish I had a disposable income!

  2. chigau (違う) says

    Our local elephant artist has shows occasionally. Usually as a fund-raiser.
    I am always out-bid. Usually by thousands of dollars.
    Go Lucy!

  3. says


    I still have to read that book. It’s on the list.


    Whew, Lucy is world class. Got a link?

  4. chigau (違う) says

    My info on Lucy’s paintings final selling price is strictly word-of-mouth from the other people at the fund raiser reception.
    Silent auctions are … silent.

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