1. blf says

    …bees love them.

    Nah, that’s just you in your wasp costume, slightly repurposed to look somewhat bee-like and make the “oops, that didn’t work!” tests of the stinger appear to be pollen.

  2. rq says

    These look like summer; I love how the sunlight just glows. Great shot of the bee, pollen, pollen everywhere!

  3. says


    Nuh uh. These were on the roadside out to Glen Ullin. Had no phone booth or alley to change in.


    These were taken in the first week of last August, so yes, full on summer. Hollyhocks are rarely bee-less, they are so pollen rich. They also provide shelter for bees -- I’ve seen more than one bee taking a nap in a hollyhock flower when a sudden storm hits.

  4. blf says

    Had no phone booth or alley to change in.

    Eh? Don’t you do your costume-changing under one of the forty-foot killer rats? Easy to carry in pocket-sized mode, and when Superbeewaspartist is called-for, it(the rat) reverts to proper size, as both a distraction and impromptu dressing rat. I mean room. Well, roof.

    Also a convenient sidekick… Batman has Robin, you haz Teh Rats.

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