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Antisocial networks: how to avoid Facebook ‘friends’ and irritate people.

“I think that the age of mass social networking has reached its peak, at least for us first-worlders,” said Cloak’s co-creator Chris Baker, who also founded the hugely successful viral news platform Buzzfeed . “Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are public arenas where we cultivate versions of ourselves that are well-manicured, mostly false, and always ‘on’. I think that is what’s beginning to wane. We’re exhausted from it and by it. Now platforms that enable ephemeral, private and very loose moments are starting to become hugely mainstream. Antisocial stuff is on the rise. Social has had its moment in the sun. Now people are beginning to revolt.”


There is evidence that Facebook and Twitter make many of us unhappy as they push us to maintain an unrealistically positive public persona. A recent University of London study explained: “The public nature of a user’s Facebook profile means that users’ social lives are particularly open to scrutiny from others.” And the network can even break up relationships: “Site use can lead to increased jealousy and/or obsessive behaviour, as a result of the opportunities it provides users to access … information about their partner that would not otherwise be accessible.”

The fear of being judged has resulted in social networking excluding many people who lack social confidence.

6 Best Anti Social Apps to Stay Away from People You Don’t Like

Some of these sound pretty interesting, but blogging is about my limit, and with three blogs, that limit is pushed. For now, I think even anti-social networking is still too much network for me.


  1. Beatrice, an amateur cynic looking for a happy thought says

    re: Cloak
    I’m not sure about possible misuse of that one. Are the people whose info it is collecting completely aware of how much of their movements are so easily reachable?

  2. says


    I don’t know. In the main article, it was suggested that a primary use for that would be for people engaged in cheating on someone. Everything collects info, I think most people are either relatively numb to that, or just don’t care. I don’t indulge in this kind of stuff, so you couldn’t find anyone more clueless about it all. I don’t even have a smartphone.

  3. dakotagreasemonkey says

    I don’t Facebook or Tweet, and I like my “dumb” phone. Easiest way to be anti-social is to just not go to the party.
    I was looking for something for computers, but these were mostly for phones or tablets running Android.
    I guess I’m anti-social all on my own.

  4. says


    I was looking for something for computers

    There is stuff for computers, such as Anomo, but that’s for people who want to change how they network socially. When it comes to being out and about, yeah, I guess you’re on your own there. That said, you’re a hell of a lot more social than I am. It doesn’t take much for someone to persuade you to go out.

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