1. Tethys says

    I love that photo. Ever since Beyonce made a video, I have been expanding my knowledge of the history of how North America was colonized beyond the American colonies. It has come in handy to discredit the various terrifying people who keep going on about building walls, sending “those people” back to wherever they come from, and how BLM is racist.

    It is such fun to inform their hateful faces that black people in Louisiana territory were free citizens of France until The USA bought it, have NEVER been slaves, and that their bloodline has been here for hundreds of years before your ancestors got on a ship and learned to speak English. Those flapping jaws almost clang as they slam shut.

    I am a bit puzzled by this quote in the article.

    The dark skin is foreign to us even though, before colonization, Native people’s skin color was much closer to that dark skin than white skin.

    I’ve known people who are 100% native, Dakota and Chippewa my whole life. Their skin tone is quite variable, but it isn’t any darker than some of my dark skinned very Germanic family members. Black skin also comes in a similar, extremely variable range. My neighbor from Libya is much whiter than my Dad, my aunt, or my maternal G-grandpa.

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