Feb 24 2013

Sunday Funnies













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    I like your “Sunday Funnies” series but am annoyed that you don’t name the artists or provide links were possible to the originals.

    If someone took some of your writing and posted it as “Sunday Takedown of David Barton” without any credit or link to you I’m betting you’d be pretty miffed. You did the work after all.

    I don’t know about reproducing just one cartoon but some artists object to use of any of their work without asking permission. A name or link is like the very minimum. That way if someone likes a cartoon they can find more by the same artist or arrange licensing if they want to use it in advertising or whatever.

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    You are correct, tech. I copied the image address to see where Chris got these, and it appears she copied and pasted the cartoons into her blog. Linking from the original site without attribution would be bad enough, but copying and pasting without permission is a violation of federal copyright law. I hope Ms. Rodda has permission to use these.

  3. 3
    Chris Rodda

    @ ttch and docsarvis …

    I get these mainly from them showing up in my newsfeed on Facebook. I don’t know where they came from before they started circulating on Facebook, and don’t have time to go hunting for the original websites they were on. Sometimes they have the websites right in the comics, and sometimes they don’t. When they do have websites in them, I hope people do go to the artists’ websites.

    And, ttch, people copy my work all the time without my permission. The only times it bothers me are when someone claims my work as their own, or does something like putting the entire PDF of my book on a torrent site. The rest of the time I take it as a compliment, not a copyright infringement.

    In nearly a year of doing this Sunday Funnies thing, I haven’t had a single complaint from any of the artists whose comics I’ve posted here, and if I did I would immediately remove their work. But if you want to turn something that I just do to lighten up and take a silliness break from the serious stuff that everybody’s bombarded with all week into a problem, go for it.

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    I’m pretty sure whoever did the “Deer Season” one stole it from Gary Larson anyhow.

  5. 5

    Love the Midas/Medusa one.

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    hotshoe, now with more boltcutters

    I like the Galapagos tortoise joke. Maybe because my life resembles a tortoise race these days …

    Thanks for the many funnies I’ve enjoyed without comment up till now!

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