The University of Minnesota stands down

The encampment on campus has been disbanded. It didn’t require the police, or the National Guard, or any tanks — representatives from the administration met with protesters, listened, and negotiated an agreement.

You can read the negotiated settlement.

I don’t know. For such a ferocious gang of militant radicals, they gave in fairly easily. Most of the administrations concessions are things like allowing students to meet with the board of regents and present some formal demands, or to “explore” new programs, or to disclose more budget information. Meanwhile, the students promise to not disrupt commencement. It’s not very exciting stuff, and mostly just defers actual changes to some later date, maybe.

Other universities should pay attention. The students are actually reasonable, but the university had better follow through.

University of Minnesota grad student Taher Herzallah’s family is from Gaza, and he has lost nine family members due to the violence since October of 2023. “We are prepared to disrupt,” he says in reference to the university keeping its promises.


  1. says

    @2: wonder if the “liberal” media will even attempt to cover this. 🤔

    Aaaaaaaand I’m DONE. That blog I mentioned not too long ago? This is one of her posts today:

    “My Take On The Violent Student Protests

    I’d bet the ranch that the CIA knows what foreign players are involved in the antisemitic violence across college campuses. The CIA has recruited college kids for decades to be their lookouts.

    In the early 1970s, two of my college friends, both Vietnam vets, who did not know each other were approached. They were told the same story, that the KGB had plants throughout US colleges and that they needed help in uncovering them. Both of my friends declined, saying essentially the same thing — that it was hard enough to concentrate on classwork after their service in Nam.

    To spark the flame of violence on one campus can quickly spread to others as we have all observed, with or without plants already in place. It only takes one trusted savvy plant, inspiring well meaning students to start trouble.

    Violence and/or destruction of property is counterproductive in protests. And it’s illegal. And stupid.
    But it draws the attention of Americans, which is the purpose. Guess what happens next? Americans get mad at the protesters, no matter the cause.

    Who benefits from this violence? Not the Palestinians. Not Biden. It has divided the Democratic Party from its left wing.

    And who has the enormous resources needed for all this? Russia, China, the US.

    Choose one.

    I did.”

    My husband and I both left a couple of fairly critical comments on the previous post; I had hoped that she might have taken a step back and realized she might have been wrong. Nope. She pretty much just tripled down.

    So, I left a couple of comments; one basically saying “Oh, the poor buildings! But fuck them starving kids, amirite?” Then I told her not to bother blocking me. I wouldn’t be back.

    Deleted from my browser history. I’m done. She’s posted other questionable things, but this was the last straw.

  2. numerobis says

    Apparently the McGill university administration refused to plan for demonstration with the Montreal police department, unlike what the other universities did months ago in the wake of Oct 7.

    McGill called the police chief in a panic when demonstrators showed up, last weekend, and asked him to knock some heads.

    He asked them why they couldn’t cut a deal like Brown did. They stammered.

    It looks like he got them to start thinking about negotiating, since the police aren’t interested in violence. Hopefully they can pull their heads out of their asses before anything stupid happens. There’s been one counterprotest that had a risk of getting violent but got contained by the protest leaders.

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