Are all my pets psycho?

I’ve mentioned my crazy evil cat before, but here’s another of my little friends, my greenbottle blue tarantula, Blue.

They are just coming down off a massive threat posture, which is a change. For a long time, they’ve been skittish and timid. I turn on the lights in the lab, they run and hide. I rattle the door a little bit when I go to feed them, they run and hide. A shadow moves across their container, they run and hide. I figured I’d adopted a cowardly spider.

Lately, though, as they mature — I can tell by how their pigment is darkening to a deep blue from the prior orange — they’ve gotten aggressive. Now they boldly stand in the middle of their space and turn to face me when I walk up to them, but not in a friendly way. When I put a mealworm in their face, no more fleeing, but instead, they rear up on their 4 hindlegs and threaten with their forelimbs, and flash their fangs at me. I’m feeding them! Calm down!

It’s becoming a trend that any animal I take care of gets psycho hostile.

Whoa, wait…could it be me?


  1. outis says

    Whoa, handsome beast. But quite militant in attitude, it reminds me of Ghost in the Shell’s legged tanks.
    On the other hand, the Steatoda triangulosa you posted before has a sleek elegance which is quite impressive, very nice picture too.
    I have nothing similar at home, but I just found a teeny tiny wolf spider roaming behind the stove. Too cute for words, so stumpy and fearless…

  2. consciousness razor says

    It’s never too late to put down the spiders and talk with your family about your problems.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Sing to calm them down.
    “Spider-pig, spider-pig,
    Doing whatever spider pigs do…”

  4. angoratrilobite says

    Wow, that tarantula is very pretty. Now, to be honest, I prefer snakes, insularis and elapids in particular, but theraphosidae are so gorgeous. Makes you want to boop them.

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