100 Words on the Topic of Humility

I mentioned recently that art school was a humbling experience for me.  Humbleness, or humility, can be a good thing.  Humiliation not so much, unless you’re into that.  Think I know a girly on that tip, perhaps not aware how much she injects that into her fiction writing, haha.  Then there’s the related topic of the humblebrag, which is somehow nothing to do with the line from Weird Al’s Amish Paradise that “I know I’m a million times as humble as thou art.”  I’m losing the plot.  Think, McFly!

Pride goeth before the fall.  If you have too much faith in yourself and your own excellence, reality can catch you by surprise.  This is what happened to our mans DickDawk.  He went after the low hanging fruit of christian literalism, let the baby atheist kudos convince him he could do no wrong, and when he showed his ass on the issue of feminism, was completely astonished by the response.  People could take issue with meeee?  But I am the golden boy!  I am the special one.  I’d just say, don’t forget your own fallibility, and when you become aware of them, don’t forget your actual failures.

The more you know.

EDIT: I lost track of what I was doing and this ended up being 200 words.  Failures abound!

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