Protests everywhere

All across the country, students are rising up to protest US support for the genocidal state of Israel. The response is growing!

Unfortunately, Columbia University is leading the way in authoritarian counter-reaction.

New York police arrested dozens of people on two campuses Tuesday night after officers cleared out a Columbia University building occupied by protesters.

At Columbia, New York police used a massive armored vehicle to push a bridge into a window of Hamilton Hall, the building demonstrators began occupying the previous night. Officers then streamed over the bridge — quickly retaking the building.

Yeah, to their shame, the Columbia administration called in a tank to put down their students.

In happier news, the protests have spread to Antarctica.


  1. Robbo says

    good job cops.

    use extreme force against students who are protesting the use of extreme force.

  2. hillaryrettig1 says

    PZ – thanks! that reminded me to post on FB.

    MuttPupDad – left me in tears! ty

  3. lanir says

    Looks like the map changed a lot over the course of the day. A lot more circles with black borders.

  4. StevoR says

    PBS Newshour interview with Wesleyan University President Michael S. Roth here – starts at the 3 mins 57 secs mark on the video – transcript included below :

    Excerpt :

    ..there are a lot of campuses where there is — there’s peace. They don’t make it on the news. It’s not as exciting to watch a peaceful demonstration.

    But I do think, in some cases, the pressure by lawmakers to do something, to show that they’re doing something, or, in some cases, perhaps, donors to show that you’re tough, this is counterproductive. We don’t need to show we’re tough. We need to show that we’re educational.

    And Congress is not the institution to give lessons on how to talk across difference or how to be educational. Professors and presidents have to have the courage to stand up to politicians and donors who want to force us to do things that are countereducational. – Michael S. Roth.

    Just over 9 mins total temporal length.

  5. Alt-X says

    Stop the killing of children, we can all agree with that. But have they released the hostages they took from the Gaza Peace Concert yet? Wasn’t there a baby taken as well?

  6. Prax says

    @Alt-X #9,
    “But” implies a reservation or qualification. Are you saying we shouldn’t stop the killing of children until that baby is released?

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