Teacher fired by Catholic school for getting pregnant the ‘wrong way’

The Roman Catholic Church loves them some babies, babies from incest, babies from rape, babies from unmarried consenting adults, doesn’t matter. They’re all good. But their view on parents is whacked out. For example, when a teacher and her husband turned to in vitro fertilization, the church canned her despite exemplary performance. Not sure how this will play out legally, because it turns out churches get a special pass on discrimination unavailable to any other employer: [Read more…]

Shorter wingnuttia: What war on women? Now, about that WAR on women

I sometimes dream that we progressives will enjoy the same fruits our opponents feast so gleefully on. See, for them, consistency and principle is not an issue; you can both declare there is no such thing as a war on women, and bemoan the war on women, with little fear of “Republicans fractured and in disarray” headlines popping up all over.

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Romney may just be dumber than we think

Maybe it’s like a zoo lion; they get so used to easy living their once honed reflexes grow dull. Romney, the quintessential political animal, may have suffered a similar fate thanks to kowtowing conservative media that goes out of its way to indulge him and big bucks to paper over any remaining stupidity. Whatever, speaking at the NRA, Mitt Romney dove headlong right back into the ovary wars attacking the President and the ACA: [Read more…]

Colbert breaks down the eleventy-billion dimensional chess reverse democratic war on women

The flap over Hilary Rosen is a reminder of the reality bending power that comes with having your own media dedicated to keeping the ignorant in the dark. In the space of a few minutes a CNN pundit was morphed into a member of the Obama administration, if not Obama himself, and her comment the most vicious attack on America and apple pie since the Haymarket bombing. The ensuing circus shut down the right-wing blogosphere for several hours as they dreamed of having a foil to fend off a recent record of serial attacks on women’s’ rights. If not for a North Korean missile launch and tweet too far by the Catholic League disparaging adoptive parents, it might be going full tilt still.

The immaculate deception

Not be left behind by Mittens, Mitch McConnell lent his gravitas to the endless series of GOP lies that now makes up the religious-right conservative movement these days, with this comedy styling on the conservative crusade against women:

Talk about a manufactured issue. There is no issue. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire and Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe from Maine I think would be the first to say — and Lisa Murkowski from Alaska — ‘we don’t see any evidence of this.’

After I picked myself off the floor following a debilitating laughing attack, my colleagues and I at Daily Kos collected the statements below from those very female lawmakers names above for McConnell’s edification. [Read more…]