According to the GOP this “woman thing” is all in your pretty little empty heads

I don’t know how to explain it beyond wishful thinking or a quick trip into fantasy land. GOP head honchos and pundits, Ramesh Ponnuru, insist there is no conservative war on women and Romney should just ignore this contrived issue. These polls of women voters must be part of the liberal-media conspiracy.

Via Via Daily Kos

ABC News/WaPo
Obama 57  Romney 38 …  Obama +19

Investors Business Daily
Obama 48  Romney 35 …  Obama +13

USA Today
Obama 54  Romney 36  …  Obama +18

Obama 60  Romney 37 …  Obama +23

Pew Research
Obama 58  Romney 38  …  Obama +20

Romney is getting shellacked in this demographic and for good reason: he’s now chieftain of a profoundly anti-women party. He cannot win the general election with these numbers, even normally safe conservative states would be in play if Romney doesn’t make up some of that lost ground. So the best thing that could happen — assuming you don’t want to see massive tax cuts for zillionaires piled onto the national debt and more sweetheart deals for bankstas– is for Romney to listen to clowns like Ponnuru and ignore this fact.


  1. peterh says

    No, no, no! You are missing the big picture. The Republican party is waging war on reality, of which women are a significant subset.
    /snark / quasi-irony flag /

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    If the wimminz knew what was good for them, they’d all spin up into their little cocoons and not come out until they were butterflies.

  3. Aliasalpha says

    Surely every time romney seems to be coming around to the side of supporting women as real humans again, you could just show clips of him showing support for womens issues. The like poles would repel each other & he’d flip flop again.

    You could turn him into a fun puzzle game! You’d have to use previous romeyisms to repel him along a path to a specific destination

  4. unbound says

    How sad that more than a third (35% to 38%) of women still think Romney / GOP is the better alternative.

  5. sambarge says

    How sad is it that American men are supporting the 2 parties equally, even though one party is actively seeking to limit the rights of women.

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