Texas GOP uses procedural technicality to silence woman lawmaker


Life feed of Texas Ledge 25 June, 2013
Update: Live Ustream outside capital … vote was taken at … 11:66 PM 25 June 2013, ahem. Texas ledge page was then “retrodated” to show just before midnight, making this one of the most shameful nights in Lone Star politics ever recorded. There is some disagreement between what Texas GOP says and what clerk is currently reporting as passed. Either way, progressives are pissed and registering new voters as you read this.

A battle has been raging in Texas, but the end may be near. A short time ago the filibuster was broken by a procedural technicality by GOP lawmakers in Texas. This story is moving fast, best followed on Twitter at #SB5 and TXLedge for starters. Context below but make no mistake folks, this bill is going through. If not tonight they’ll gin up a special session or cook up some governor magic. The idea is to make it as hard as possible and expose the clowns hoping to further restrict women’s’ rights. [Read more…]

Forced birther, gun nut, & secessionist

Dr. Patrick Johnston is quite a study in contradictions. He’s one of those small government, flag-waving patriots who wants to secede from the US and force women to bear a rapists child with the power of the New Christian State. He’s also a gun maniac, hate radio jock, anti LGBT, and an anti-science homeschooler. He’d feel real at home in the Republic of Gilead: [Read more…]

Faces of the War on Women

After the 2012 election we heard quite a bit of soul searching among the conservative movement. Some feel they should “rebrand,” change the pizza box but leave the pizza the same. Others felt they should change their policies. Yesterday House Republicans settled on changing the pizza delivery person. The video above uses the same tactic against them: [Read more…]

Another day, another double standard for women

Really nice, pretty much sums up the whole social conservative position on women and guns, and in more than one way:

Salon — A man in Florida shoots a man he finds having sex with his wife, killing him. A woman in Florida shoots the wall to scare off an abusive husband, harming nobody. Guess which one was acquitted? Guess which one was convicted? …

But you don’t have to guess, do you? I bet you can even guess which shooter was white and which was black.

Another idiot totally misses the point of the ‘war on women’


The thing about multi-billionaires is they are1) unelectable and 2) more powerful than a modest sized country. That’s a bad combination already, assuming one appreciates democracy anyway. But Santorum financier zillionaire Foster Friess adds another concern: there’s just too many toadies willing to adore their invisible robes, they have no way to know when they’re being utter fools. In the words of MC Hawking, check it: [Read more…]

Hobby Lobby theocrats refuse to cover “slut” pills



You have to hand it to wealthy self-absorbed theocrats these days. Hiding behind the thin veneer of religious freedom, they feel entitled to break the law of the land at the drop of a hat. Such is the case with Hobby Lobby, owned and operated by yet another over pious social conservative clan pretending to stagger under the weight of big government tyranny, all simply to be a thorn in the side of human progress and basic decency: [Read more…]