Forced birther, gun nut, & secessionist

Dr. Patrick Johnston is quite a study in contradictions. He’s one of those small government, flag-waving patriots who wants to secede from the US and force women to bear a rapists child with the power of the New Christian State. He’s also a gun maniac, hate radio jock, anti LGBT, and an anti-science homeschooler. He’d feel real at home in the Republic of Gilead:

Plunderbund — Patrick Johnston, founder of the anti-abortion group Personhood Ohio, sent out an email this past weekend encouraging recipients to help his cause by “buying an assault rifle” and “some high capacity magazines and a ton of ammo.”

He wasn’t suggesting they buy just any assault rifles, mind you, but assault rifles from Johnston’s personal collection including two Chinese SKS rifles and a MAK 90. All three weapons use the same ammunition the AK 47 (7.62×39mm). Two of the rifles come with high capacity magazines and one includes a drum holding 100 rounds. He is also auctioning off 2550 rounds of ammo.

Nothing says small town American values like Chinese assault weapons. Amirite? The dominionist wing of the Republican Party has come completely off the hook. We can only hope they doom the GOP in the midterms and beyond.


  1. ianeymeaney says

    My wife, Ofianeymeaney, and I approve of this idea. How else will we defend ourselves against the tanks, bombs, cruise missiles, drones and jets that the gubbamint has?

  2. R Johnston says

    I have the great misfortune of being closely related to Patrick. A few years back when he ran for state assembly–he was too crazy for even the Ohio Republican party, so that the party actually took the highly unusual step of officially endorsing his non-incumbent opponent in the Republican primary–he tried to scrub a lot of his more incriminating writing from the internet, but the internet never forgets.

    Patrick is a forced birther, gun nut, secessionist who has publicly pronounced that the only legitimate government is one which mandates the death penalty for “murder, kidnapping, homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, adultery, witchcraft, youth who cannot be corrected with chastening, etc.” He was at one time featured as a “Hero of the Faith” on the Army of God website, part of a rogues gallery of professional terrorists.

    I’ve spent my adult life actively avoiding situations where I might have to interact with him. But we’re a couple of weeks away from our grandfather’s 90th birthday party, and I can’t miss that just because Patrick might be there. I’m not sure whether I need to be really drunk or stone cold sober if Patrick shows up.

  3. chris69 says

    Just a point of reference , to be more accurate – the only one of the weapons that would qualify as a so-called “assault rifle” as defined by most laws in the US (not based in the true definition- which includes selective fire capability – automatic or semi automatic) would be the MAK-90. The SKS would just be a standard semi automatic rifle with a larger than standard detachable magazine. Mentioning the AK-47 is just a scare tactic to try to associate legal semi automatic weapons with a diificult to legally obtain fully automatic weapon. It is the equivalent of mentioning an M-60 or M-14 while talking about a Remington Model 7400 which was available in .308 Winchester which is identical enough to the 7.62 Nato round fired by the M-60 & M-14 rrhat the rounds can be used in either weapon.

  4. amenhotepstein says


    Thanks for the clarification. Just curious, though, which of those is not designed to kill people?

  5. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    “Forced birther” eh?

    isn’t a “birther” someone who – utterly wrongly (not quite?) needless to say – thinks United States President Barack Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii?

    Which would make a “forced birther” – what? Someone who thinks Obama’s parents were compelled by some weird agency to give birth in Kenya?

    Okay I get what you’re meaning but it does sound a bit odd to me. Coathanger lobbyist would be my preferred term for whatever little its worth.

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