Saudi fundies clamor to kill one of their own for tweeting blasphemy

A young journalist fled his home nation for his life after seemingly moderate tweets about the prophet Mohammed infuriated his country men. He was detained in Malaysia and is said to be awaiting extradition to the fundamentalist shit-hole kingdom also known as Saudi Arabia on the charge of religious blasphemy. If found guilty he could be sentenced to death. What kind of awful things could he have posted? [Read more…]

We the Tweeple, in order to form a functioning interface, beseech you …

I beg you, I beseech you, oh Mighty Gods of Twitter, please fix the myriad, aggravating flaws with your user interface. I like Twitter, my friends like Twitter, it’s become a primary Internet tool. almost on par with Google. The underlying concept is brilliant, like an adult version of Facebook, without the bullshit fluffy-feely we-wanna-harvest-every-last thing about you and exploit it for our gain angle. Just a few years ago we didn’t even know we needed Twitter and now we can’t imagine online life without it. Bravo! But goddamit, right now I’d love to see you half as engaged in user concerns as Facebook. [Read more…]