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I’ll be out for most of the day for various errands and doc appointments, all of which I’m able to do thanks to several dozen of you who kicked in to help. I’m pretty much where I needed to get to, but a few more bucks would help more if anyone is so inclined.

Until I get done, bashing Ted Cruz has become a cottage industry this week and it sounds like he deserves it. So here’s some enjoyable links to join in the fun: Ted and me at TPM; The distinguished wacko bird from Texas at GQ; Some GOP Leaders Tee Up Cruz For Blame If There’s A Shutdown at VPR; and You cloture it, you buy it at the FW Business Press.


  1. smhll says

    He was mentioned on NPR a lot yesterday and last night. As I was getting up this morning (Morning Edition), I think I heard him wailing that the Affordable Care Act was passed by “brute force”. Yep, an interesting redefinition of elected officials passing laws.

  2. magistramarla says

    I live in Texas, and I’m more than happy to bash him.
    We will stand to suffer if he succeeds with his government shutdown tactic.
    We would have no income at all, and since the GOTP loves to scapegoat the lowly federal workers, word is that the active duty folks would definitely recoup any lost pay, but there is no guarantee for the civilian workers.
    We know exactly who to blame – Cruz.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    <i.We will stand to suffer if he succeeds with his government shutdown tactic.

    He doesn’t care. He knows who will suffer most, and it is people who are likely to vote Democratic.

  4. magistramarla says

    Reginald, the funny thing is that many of those federal workers and active duty members who would be affected the most are GOTP voters. My son-in-law, who is active duty, blames the President for everything. He thinks Cruz is representing him just fine. We hear the same from many of the federal workers who work with my husband. We think that they are insane.
    Of course, the ones who will really suffer are the very poor, disabled, sick and elderly. Those are the ones that Cruz and all of his followers really have disdain for.

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