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The Affordable Care Act will have its usual detractors and promoters this week, but today is a deadline, the first of December. Sure, make merry, as the second leg of the glorious Winter holiday season looms. But for the usual suspects, today will also be a special day to better lie, cheat, insult, obfuscate and otherwise misinform the American public, the land of the free and the home of the uninsured; almost 50 million citizens lack healthcare coverage of any sort and millions more are under insured on junky policies. A huge number of the uncovered are also mired in poverty, exacerbating that dismal metric. Obamacare can address a lot of it, although millions will be left naked again, at least this year and most often next too, at least until saner heads prevail, in those red states where ledges or governors have chosen to withhold free healthcare from the least fortunate. That’s a sad commentary on the wealthy-political axis; forever in pursuit of any thing smacking of indecency or inhumanity, provided there’s so much as a tiny chance it may sway the news cycle against Barack Obama for a single morning. [Read more…]

WSJ publishes woo-sayer nonsense

Suzanne Somers once played a part on a less-than-exciting, thank-god-it-ended 1970s TV show that exploited the twin stereotypes of flaming gay men and brainless blond bimbos. She tried to jack her costars for an extra cut of the loot when the series became briefly popular, they told her to get lost, and her career promptly took giant shit. Somers mercifully almost disappeared from the public eye, only surfacing more recently after medical technology saved her life, a favor she returned by putting out books hawking quackery and quack cures. So clearly when the Wall Street Journal needed an expert on healthcare, she told them to come and knock on her door. The link below goes to LGF so don’t feel like you’re rewarding the Journal for the bait. Let’s do a quickie fisk: [Read more…]

How to shut down a teatard

Nicely done and obviously not the answer Rep Camp (R-grifter) was angling for. Shorter version: “The insurance company was jacking your constituent for premiums on a junk policy they planned on cancelling the minute he got sick or injured, and the ACA has put that particular scam out of business. … and you’re welcome.”

The horror of comprehensive health insurance

It wasn’t my choice to become a walking, talking healthcare reform example. But lately that is my fate. Friday night I got a sore throat — these things seem to always happen on the weekend of course. By Sunday it was incredibly painful and so swollen my face was beginning to be deformed. Fortunately, Monday my PCP was in, a quick visit, a $20 copay and $10 more for prescribed antibiotics and now, less than 24 hours later, it’s already noticeably better.

It was bad enough that I was completely out of the game all day yesterday and I’m still running a pretty good fever. It’s scary to think what might have happened without health insurance, because this was the most painful sore throat I have ever experienced and it was spreading rapidly — a side effect of being on auto-immune drugs and cortisone no doubt.

First thing I see now that I’m up and running is this lovely article making the rounds with the usual suspects: [Read more…]

Brought to you by the party of “Family Values”

Oh. My. Fucking. God. Lets say you’re a self-righteous, overbearing fundamentalist grifting snot-wad of a political party whose members brag about their superior family values on every mic they can hijack 24/7. And now let’s say you’re gonna investigate the website crashes afflicting the ACA earlier this month. And let’s add in that you’re desperate to rehabilitate your public image after a recent screw-up. Who would you pick to be the public face and technical expert advising you on that effort? [Read more…]

One of these things is not like the others

How about a little good news, for me anyway? It appears my insurance company is weary of fucking around and has paid out on some of the work I’ve missed due to health issues over the last few weeks. Which means there will be no more blegging until my usual holiday season hit-up. And speaking of money and health, one of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong: 1) 9-11, 2) Iraq War, 3) Hurricane Katrina, 4) slow website, and 5) Great Recession. Here’s a helpful hint: all but one happened under the previous administration and most of those ended up costing a trillion taxpayer dollars or more with thousands of lives lost or ruined for good measure.

But you know what is a little more like a slow loading healthcare website, happened under the Bush WH, and has also cost in the neighborhood of a trillion tax-bucks? It’s not web pages that time out, like the WordPress edit screen, Youtube, and pretty much every other site I visit on a daily basis. It’s this blast from the recent past: [Read more…]

A customer service reality check for Morning Joe

Watching the crew on Morning Joe this morning it struck me, the celebrities on panel must have a ton of personal assistants taking care of their chores. Or something, because even for the ones on “my side,’ it almost appears they haven’t had to call a typical customer service line, you know, the kind normal non-rich people are condemned to rely on, in a long, long while. They’re up there on camera implying the private sector delivers some kind of instant, mythical service meeting an idealistic standard only found in the fevered delusions of pampered site directors and those who ass they kiss.

Let me tell you something about TPS reports … [Read more…]

Cooking data vs burning it


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I shared my healthcare nightmare on Daily Kos yesterday, right on cue the usual suspects are brandishing new supposed data intended to kill millions of people like me before we become really unprofitable. It should not come as breaking news around these skeptical parts that telling powerful people the answer they want to hear is good business, even when everyone knows that answer is wrong. But there’s a difference between artfully roasting data and shoveling it into a blast furnace.

I’m talking of course about that new PR scheme, being widely passed off as a study today, hyped by the usual harpies from Heritage Foundation and beyond shrieking that, indeed we-told-you-sotm, Obamacare will raise most people’s insurance premiums! There’s just one thing wrong with that: [Read more…]

The insidious plot to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids

We are facing virtual Armageddon, the Republic may not survive. It started out as a full frontal assault on America and apple pie, but the situation is even now dire: there is a website on the Internet that is slow to load, it often times out and, worst of all, it is taken down for maintenance on a weekly basis. But some people are getting through: [Read more…]