Shutdown translating into big bucks for both parties

It’s the dollars, always the fucking dollars. Everyone here knows that Ted Cruz and his pals are raising a ton of cash on the shutdown delusion. That’s part of the reason his own cronies are angry; Cruz is wringing every lst drop out of the RushBo swamp and cutting down more than his share of the low hanging fruit by many anonymous GOP accounts. The scam is a simple one: by pretending they can stop Obamacare, the dollars are rolling into to Teaparty coffers (Something similar is happening on the progressive side). That’s why you keep hearing over the top rhetoric about it being the ‘worst law since slavery’ and so on. That’s what brings in the rubes and their small dollar donations.

I don’t know if the GOP is really all that afraid it will succeed, they live in a delusional world, but a few do seem to be aware that some of the endless dire-warning lies will be exposed. Maybe there’s relief ahead for all of us, today is a special day: Sep 30 is end of quarterly fundraising, so the intensity may diminish a bit starting this week: [Read more…]

Conservatives will bear the blame for government shutdown


According to this CNN poll conducted over the weekend, 46% say they would blame congressional Republicans for a government shutdown, with 36% saying the president would be more responsible and 13% pointing fingers at both the GOP in Congress and Obama. That 36% who blame the President is bolstered by about 20% of the nation who would blame him for anything. We’re going to get to test this data, because we’re heading for a government shut down in a few hours and nothing seems to able to stop it.

At issue is healthcare for millions of people, something conservatives have always been against. Whether it was Medicare or CHIP or Obamacare, they hate the idea of poor and middle-class people seeing doctors and being treated. It’s bizarre but that’s the ground they’ve staked out: [Read more…]

Rachel Maddow exposes the origin of the Uncle Sam between-your-legs ad

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The ALEC ultrasound guy cooked that up, wow! It’s way more hypocritical than I imagined. And speaking of MSNBC, on the Ed Show right now they’re calling out conservatives posing as Christians to cloak their obsession with helping the rich and punishing the poor. I’ll have that clip up when it gets posted.

Cruz control is good for everyone, and that’s why it’s good for us


Thanks guys and gals, I’m now 20% to salvation on the first day!

Conmen are protective of their marks, in the sense that they don’t want other grifters horning in on their con. Especially conmen who are so greedy that they risk blowing the deal for all conmen. That’s the gist of the fight now in progress between Ted Cruz representing the Teaparty vs the larger GOP: [Read more…]

Biggest money saver in Obamacare

We talked a little bit about what an exchange is and how they will be used for enrollment into a healthcare policy after Jan 1, when the main parts of the Affordable Care Act kick in. There’s two important differences between those policies to come on the exchanges and those available now at private insurance companies. The first, they’ll be required to cover a lot more than they do now. We’ll talk more about that in future articles. What I want to show here is an actual calculator that can estimate what you would pay for one of those future policies as a function of your income. There’s a huge money saver embedded in this. [Read more…]