How to shut down a teatard

Nicely done and obviously not the answer Rep Camp (R-grifter) was angling for. Shorter version: “The insurance company was jacking your constituent for premiums on a junk policy they planned on cancelling the minute he got sick or injured, and the ACA has put that particular scam out of business. … and you’re welcome.”


  1. magistramarla says

    I caught a few minutes of the grilling that those teabaggers were giving this poor lady this morning and felt sorry for her. It seems that she held her own very well – brava!

  2. Orion Silvertree says

    Mr. Andrew, will you please find some other term than deliberately-misspelled-“retard”? You’ve done it eight times in the last two months, and I’m tired of getting clubbed upside the head by the backswing every time you use that word as a weapon.

    You know we can hear you, right?

  3. Randomfactor says

    A long time ago I was working for a company which turned out to be a literal Ponzi scheme. Took millions of dollars from investors. (Well, on paper at least.) The FBI moved in and held a public meeting to explain that the investors would be lucky to get pennies on the dollar back. One or two stood up and announced they weren’t going to stand for it, and would certainly get a better return by dealing directly with the company president—who was sitting in a jail cell.

    Suckers will fight for the right to be suckers, I guess.

  4. lanir says

    Again with the “her plan does not comply with the affordable care act” then “we must purchase a new policy to get the same coverage”.

    They don’t really listen to what they’re saying, do they? Might as well be spouting “2+2 is not 5. 2+2 is 5.” over and over again.

  5. Wylann says

    Hey this guy was all ready to sell me this car for $200, but the state passed a lemon law. Now he insists I can’t buy that car, but there’s this one over here I can buy for $280.

    I know they probably wouldn’t get the analogy (and I admit it’s not a great analogy anyway), but that’s likely what’s going on here. I’ve been seeing all these reports of people losing their plans (or rather, being dropped), but I would be willing to bet that almost all of those were fly-by-night cheapass plans that wouldn’t really have covered anything other than your annual appointment (with a healthy co-pay, of course) and the minute you got really sick or injured, you’d be dropped like a hot rock.

    She did good, although as Ianir mentions, I don’t think the teabaggers understood the message.

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