Add this to the sick healthcare system we have


By win, Cruz neglects to mention Teaparty added estimated $24 billion to nation’s deficit as result of shutdown
You’ve been feeling lousy, lately it’s turned into full blown exhaustion and a little dizziness. You start out trying an in network specialist, but soon come back around to your PCP as the network requires. Expensive out of pocket short cuts just aren’t an option on the $12/hour you make on the days you can handle a whole shift. A couple of exams and blood tests later, that PCP is really worried, calling you in and sitting you down for a close, grim face-to-face hand-holding discussion. You have all the classic signs of serious, often fatal conditions, we’re talking cancer of the marrow, liver/pancreas, or lymph system just for starters. The PCP is so worried she orders a suite of tests to begin immediately, including a CT scan. It’s so bad the doc actually has her MA call and schedule the most important tests while you are still in her office. You’re lucky in one small way, the radiology group the insurance company uses has an opening that same day, if you can hustle over there quick and have no other responsibilities that afternoon. Now, where in all that in-network drama might you suspect that that CT scan was not going to be authorized after the fact?

In America, in our corrupt healthcare system, on employer sponsored group health insurance considered better than average by most standards, that’s where. I just found out that scan has been denied, my PCP will fight it and probably win. After all, all they found was evidence for past chest injury or infection and a touch of pneumonia in the right lung … the real action turned out to be in the blood chemistry. But I don’t know if we’ll win or not, either way it just goes to show fucked up this system is and how badly it needs to be changed.




Shutdown deal in the works

Let the historical revisionism begin. Take it away Teatards!

Rep. Labrador says it’s “absolutely false” that GOP sought Obamacare repeal. ” We have never asked for a full repeal of Obamacare…”

Imagine someone ostensibly in a position of knowledge said something utterly incomprehensible. Say for example someone on the board of the American Medical Association quipped that decapitation not only isn’t fatal, it can actually be good for the patient. Nowadays we’d attribute that to some clown seeking page views and Youtube hits. But those kind of crackpots have been with us since the beginning of time. They found a loving home in the modern GOP, most notably in the lucrative fields of anti-science histrionics, which is now bleeding over into pseudo-economics. Thankfully, we may have a reprieve: [Read more…]

Default aint just an actor in war movies

It seems the Senate came up with a plan of sorts to save the nation from economic Armageddon. Naturally, a few dozen members of the House of Teaparty wax dummies had to be placated less their fee-fees be hurt and it fell apart. Which leaves one day to get it together and maybe one weekend before things really start approaching irreversible. The scariest thing is, the same denial that’s been nurtured and developed for everything from evolution to climate science is not being being brought to bear on this issue and against Republicans who do not show proper fealty for the crazy caucus: [Read more…]

More bad data for Cruz & shutters

Who could have predicted that shutting down the country would be an unpopular move? Well, pretty much everyone, including Teaparty Republicans who publicly maintain it was a gallant and possibly brilliant move, otherwise they would not have spent so much time trying to saddle their critics with the blame. A new poll shows that that strategy isn’t working out very well: [Read more…]

John McCain thinks we should be magnanimous with the Teaparty

I’m not crazy abut McCain, but I don’t hold the man in contempt like I do his Teaparty cohorts. His former campaign manager, Steve Irwin Schmidt who you often see on MSNBC, is about the best GOP contributor on any cable news outlet in my opinion. It’s good to have a sane Senator like McCain and it’s great to hear from an honest GOP strategist like Schmidt. That being said, what reason is there to be magnanimous to people who ran on disinformation and racist hatred, who campaigned on shutting down the government, then shut down the government and found it was terribly unpopular, and who are now doing their level best to blame the shutdown on Democrats while calling us traitors and terrorists along the way?