New GOP strategy: Hillary Clinton is TOO old


Imagine you are a national republican strategist. In the light of the 2012 ass whuppin, you have many challenges. Thanks to the jihad against women’s rights, chief among them is the female vote comprising more than half the electorate in many key states. It’s bleak there. You’re handily losing the majority of young and minority women, struggling for suburban and white-collar ladies, and you’re even bleeding voters from the usually more reliable mature women. You have to turn this around and quick.

Eureka! A brainstorm strikes faster than lightning: piss off as many of the undecided female voters of all ages as possible and really undermine your chances with retired men and women!

NYT — Stuart Stevens, the top strategist for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, declared to an audience of reporters at a breakfast last month that electing Hillary Rodham Clinton would be like going back in time. “She’s been around since the ’70s,” he said.
At a conservative conference earlier in the year, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, ridiculed the 2016 Democratic field as “a rerun of ‘The Golden Girls,’ ” referring to Mrs. Clinton and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who is 70.
And Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, seizing on the Fleetwood Mac song that became a Clinton family anthem, quipped to an audience in Washington, “If you want to keep thinking about tomorrow, maybe it’s time to put somebody new in.”

It’s genius I tell ya! Pure, unadulterated genius!


  1. cubist says

    I’m sure that if nominated, Ms. Clinton will decline to make an issue of her opponent’s youth and inexperienc.

  2. Lofty says

    Why would you want a rational old woman when you can have nutty old white man? Because, men, even if barmy, sound better to the GOP power brokers. And what’s the use of a woman you can’t ogle?

  3. garlic says

    Well, they almost have a point. If elected, Hillary would be the second-oldest president (at time of election) in the modern era.

    There’s just one problem: the only older one was Saint Ronald.

    (Insert “didn’t think your cunning plan all the way through” pic…)

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