Got kids? Need an educational coloring book?

There’s a free, downloadable coloring book called Connie has Coronavirus available.

I seem to be sans kids, but I’m about ready to squat down on the floor and scribble myself.


  1. wzrd1 says

    That’ll make a wonderful addition for our grandchildren’s coloring book collection.
    I’ll put it right after my favorite one, “The internal configuration and assembly of a modern thermonuclear warhead”, bonus points are given in the score for properly identifying the dopant used in FOGBANK.
    I’m sure both will be more popular than my “Construction of X-ray lasers inside of relatively confined spaces”, largely due to the color in equations required.

  2. rabbitbrush says

    I think this is much more educational. Uses research and creativity, and is hilarious, to boot.

  3. says

    It’s even worse, you got Connie.
    FYI, Connie is a popular character from books and TV for kids and I hate her with a passion. Aimed at preschoolers and primary kids, Connie experiences all the usual shit kids experience, only that Connie is a stereotypical white middle class girl. Her mum is a MD, but she still always has time for Connie and I hate Connie, her mum, her dad, her, brother, her cat and all of her friends with a passion.