1. Brother Ogvorbis, OM: Reading Comprehension Fail Warning! says

    I want the name of the guy who knocked the flying dildo out of the air. I mean, that’s got to be a resume topper!

  2. Sandiseattle says

    Meh. I guess it’s one of those, yeah-amusing-but-i’m-not-gonna-even-chuckle type things.

  3. Sandiseattle says

    C’mon PZ after all the work you’ve done with the fishes and tanks, you can’t figure out how to rig up an RC dick? :-)

  4. Brother Ogvorbis, OM: Reading Comprehension Fail Warning! says

    Yeah, that guy was a real cockblocker.

    Bad pun! No donut!

  5. says


    It wasn’t Putin, the flying phallus was controlled by members of his youth party though…

    The speaker was the well known grand master and recently political activist Garry Kasparov…

    From memory, the translation of his response there on seeing it was something like “That is a mighty penis, not as mighty as my penis but much mightier than Putin’s penis”

  6. vltava says

    Yes it’s Kasparov, who tried to run for president. Putin showed how much of a sham Russia’s democracy is, by pulling strings to prevent Kasparov from being allowed to have an official candidacy.

  7. crissakentavr says

    It’s like an argument or meeting in Second Life.

    …I’d already seen it, ’cause spouse works for Linden Lab.

  8. yurishirman says

    Actually, aside from the flying dildo itself nothing seems funny. This looks like a press-conference by Garry Kasparov (a former chess world champion turned opposition politician; while I am not following Russian politics, I think he is one of the good guys trying to bring a level of democracy to the country). So the dildo is apparently an attempt by, let’s say, “hooligans” to interrupt the event.

  9. grumpyoldfart says

    I remember decades ago when they had one of those big assemblies in Red Square. The reporters couldn’t get any close-up pictures so somebody sent in a camera on a model helicopter and it casually flew back and forth between the ranks of soldiers on parade. You could just tell by the look on the faces of those on the podium, that heads were going to roll.

  10. csue says

    Ah! Kasparov, then. My memory stands corrected.

    But you can be sure Putin had a hand in it. *ba-dum-TISH*

  11. csue says

    I’d just like to add that “dongcopter” is a multiple-suggestion search term in Google. :>

  12. No One says

    This is a religious meme in the making…

    The miracle of the flying penis. Someone call the vatican.

  13. jaybee says

    They asked the prankster about the difficulty of making it.

    “It was very hard,” he replied. “Once it is aloft it flies OK, but getting it up can be a chore.”

  14. robro says

    Why hasn’t this happened during the Republican nomination campaign, particularly at one of their so called “debates”? It seems fitting and would be far more interesting than listening to them talk. And the look on their faces…unparalleled.

  15. bcskeptic says

    Oh my god! I’m laughing my ass off.

    I want one of those for the next company meeting.

    Perhaps one can be arranged to fly over the pope-mobile.

    Thanks PZ!

  16. carolw says

    I’m rolling! I just showed two friends at work, and they both said, “that’s a flying dildo!”
    I SO want one!

  17. says

    Do you want a flying penis, or a flying squid? Since I like to fly my R/C airplanes in the park, I’ll choose flying squid. The other one would land me in jail, get my picture in the local paper, and 63,000 people pissed at me.

  18. kristopherspencer says

    This is the culmination of hundreds of years of technological advancement.

    *sheds a manly tear*

    This… this is what we’ve been working towards.