1. Fred Mounts says

    More importantly, what are the ilk doing to prepare for Jesus’s return as a shark?

    click here

    I hope he remembers that we’re friends, not food.

  2. says

    Must be small, translucency and all. Icy blue, other than the yellow/brown.

    I always have to wonder how differently these cephalopods appear five minutes after, in different places and under different conditions. Seems you can never really say, “this is what it looks like,” considering the color-changing they do.

    Glen D

  3. Anomic Entropy says

    Nice! I had to call my eight-year-old daughter over so we could ooh and aah over that beauty together. I foresee a day of bonding over books about cephalopods. :o)

  4. Lee Picton says

    Until I recently became a regular reader (and aspiring ilk), I had no idea how beautiful these critters could be. Thanks for expanding my (squid) world.

  5. Tim says

    Ok, while I still think that scorpions are about the sexiest creatures gracing the planet… that creature (the southern squid – sepioteuthis australis) was easily the most beautiful — it’s got to be utterly enchanting just to watch.

    Who’m I kidding, it still wouldn’t date me.

  6. BobC says

    Some people in Mississippi who think Cephalopods were magically created are voting in a poll for teaching creationism in biology classrooms. This poll needs Pharyngulization.

    From Tupelo, Mississippi:

    Should topics such as creationism or intelligent design be taught in
    public schools alongside the theory of evolution? (related article)

    Yes 86.58%
    No 12.75%
    Unsure 0.67%

    298 responses

    The correct answer, NO, is losing badly.

    Related article:

    Darwinists in denial? The Discovery Institute says a group of Darwinists who are opposing efforts by the Texas State Board of Education to allow evolution to be debated in the classroom are clinging to 19th century science in the 21st century.

  7. Ichthyic says

    Or are even they tired of that particular word-game?

    come now, Glen.

    You KNOW they never tire of repeating the same inanity.

    If they tired of it, they might start to actually question it.

    can’t have that.

  8. RAM says

    Cephalopods: A World Guide by Mark Norman
    I really have to go buy this book. Really beautiful pictures PZ is linking from that source.

  9. Bride of Shrek OM says

    Almost 20 posts and no one has asked if they can eat it yet. Must be some sort of record.

    Gorgeous little critter.

  10. Cruithne says

    After having a really shitty week (nine year relationship down the pan) I needed something extraordinary to make me feel a little better, thanks for the picture.