Friday Cephalopod: Freeday Octopus!

A few months ago, my granddaughter Iliana got to visit the Seattle Aquarium, along with many other Pacific Northwest landmarks. Here she is communing with the Giant Pacific Octopus that was there.

Good news! The aquarium has set the octopus free! Transporting him in a garbage can seems a little undignified, but the important thing is that now he can wander in Puget Sound, looking for mates and, we hope, siring many progeny.

Friday Cephalopod: Glassy

How about a glass octopus?

Yes, I’m bringing back the Friday Cephalopod. I have been diverted by my fascination with spiders, but I realized I can encompass multitudes, and my love for marine squishies never went away. I just can’t do much personally with cephalopods here in the middle of the Minnesota prairie — but I can still love them from afar.

They’re beautiful, but so are arachnids. Does that make me polyamorous?

One day’s doting to do today

It’s a travel day for me! I have to drive to Wisconsin to fetch my wife back and to say hello to a cute little ragamuffin for a bit, and then tomorrow I come back. I’m thinking once classes start and I have to deal every day with a swarm of potential plague carriers I’m going to have to throttle back time spent with unvaccinated grandchildren.

While I’m on the road, though, at least I can leave you a pretty diamond squid to look at, and you can always converse among yourselves on The Infinite Thread.

They’re kind of like wet spiders, aren’t they?

No one ever talks about how it was a tender parent and affectionate partner

No. It’s always “underwater killing machine” this and “largest creature of its age” that. Consider the accomplishment of growing to become one of the largest animals on the planet during the Ordovician, instead.

Look at you! Scarcely out of the Cambrian, and already 2.5m long, with a sophisticated sensory system, clever system for maintaining equilibrium in the ocean, and beautifully adept tentacles. Be proud, great brave mollusc! You were more than just a murder monster.