Bad hackers! Bad, bad!

Hackers have replaced the Irish Catholic page with a cute video and a link to the Irish Atheists page. I really should scold such deplorable virtual vandalism, but, well, instead I grabbed a quick screen capture before it gets taken down.


I thought the video was pretty funny, too, mocking the silly costumery of the Catholic hierarchy. Alright, hackers, you were naughty, don’t do it again … but you did make me laugh.

Good news — it’s not a hack at all. Those clever Irish atheists merely beat the Irish Catholics to their domain name…so it should be up indefinitely.


  1. Michael X says

    Ok, while I may not agree with the idea of hacking another groups page (as was also hacked) I do think the video was hilarious. The part about the brain in a jew incrusted orb was priceless.

  2. Michael X says

    Holy wow, that was the oddest typo I’ve ever made. Jewel, I meant Jewel. Though, if you’ve had enough beer, a brain encrusted in Jews might also be weird enough to be funny.

  3. Cognita says

    Happiness comes in small doses they say – and this video just made may day!

  4. says

    While I cannot condone defacing anyone’s page, the video is hysterical. There’s a reason I call him Pope Sidious, you know. :)

  5. says

    Lots of snickering here! And I now I better go check on my breakfast, sometime’s burning…(a few moments later) whew, just an over-enthusastic sausage burst. The video has been approved by the local butcher’s organic merguez.

  6. andyo says

    I don’t think it’s a hack, a google search of “” yields nothing of interest, and the site stats seems like the site is pretty new. Actually, the google search does link to this thread at the forums, which says that the domain was actually bought by the Irish Atheists, which is pretty legitimate.

  7. bernarda says

    Contrary to Pope Razto, there are some progressive people that seem to like the equally reactionary, misogynist Dalai Lama. To set them straight about what a hypocritical ass he is.

  8. says

    Second that, it is not likely a hack. WhoIs shows that and are registered to the same person. Looks like he scooped the catholic church to the domain name, wonder what they will think/do about it when they inevitably find out?

  9. dave says

    Did anyone else think that the jewel incrusted orb resembled a giant holy hand grenade, from Monty Python and the holy grail.

  10. GunOfSod says

    There’s no Hack here, the domain reg was left to lapse and was registered entirely legally. It was even registered with an email address.

  11. Richard Harris says

    Jumpin’ Jeezus! That video’s a hoot. It emphasizes that all that parading of panjandrums is really and truly for something for which there’s not a shred of evidence. What a bunch of crazies! (the guys in the frocks, I mean). And notice how the religiots clothe their women in formless, black, costumes.

    I hope that this video gets plenty of exposure – anything that mocks religion warrants it; this especially.

  12. X. Wolp says

    #7 : How should he, the Face has been pregnant too many times to be allowed there

  13. Lily de Lure says

    I hope that this video gets plenty of exposure – anything that mocks religion warrants it; this especially.

    Particularly if it is indeed a completely legal satire page and not a hack at all. It’s definitely being shared around everyone I know!

    wonder what they will think/do about it when they inevitably find out?

    Strike the author down and watch him/her become more powerful than they could possibly imagine, perhaps?

  14. Bride of Shrek says

    You know if the pope DID have a light sabre chalice I might have an inkling of respect for him. But until then its shit stirring against my catholic roots as usual.

  15. Lilly de Lure says

    You know if the pope DID have a light sabre chalice I might have an inkling of respect for him.

    I know it’s been said before but he does look kinda like Emperor Palpatine, which is better than nothing I suppose.

  16. Michelle says

    Well the video has been up for a couple years, so I think it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere.

  17. Holbach says

    Funny, and perhaps deserving of the ridicule it imparts,
    but I would have been a lot more caustic with contempt
    it so justly it deserves.

  18. Holbach says

    Hey, that bearded guy with the greek orthodox priests
    looks like Daniel C Dennett! Say it isn’t so Dan, but are
    you moonlighting with the retards?

  19. says

    Looks like he scooped the catholic church to the domain name, wonder what they will think/do about it when they inevitably find out?

    Posted by: Andrew Cooper

    The usual, I’m guessing. There will be threats of ex-communication, the comfy chair, followed by the ancient Catholic tradition of attaching live (and rather angry) badgers to the heretic’s genitals for a good laugh before tea and cookies.

  20. kid bitzer says

    thanks for the link to adam-buxton. very, very funny.
    if you’ve ever sung in an anglican choir, the “songs of praise” will have you crying w/ laughter.
    also see his translation of a sign-language newscast.
    i’ve never heard of him before, and he’s just become one of my favorite comics.

  21. Jared Lessl says

    There will be threats of ex-communication

    Which strikes me as a rather less-than-effective threat to use on atheists. Might as well threaten to put them on Santa’s naughty list for all the good it’ll do.

  22. crypto anon says

    Bernarda, only a self-hating Jew-boy prevert like Safran would wave his lilly in Jeruselem.

    Safran is so preverted that he would go so far as to knock the Dali Lama, the only pure & true Holiness of the coming new age all full up with spirituality.

    Safran has truly overstepped.

    The Dali Lama, not Jesus, Bhudda, or Muhammad, was born (came into the world from X) with the right ideas – a really & truly spiritual being.

    That irreverent Aussie bahstid, Safran, is now plotting against Joseph Campbell – another scholar, Kantian, & all round spiritual guy who gave us the answer; “God is a metaphor for a mystery that transcends the categories of thought.”

    And Bill Moyers dutifully nodded his God filled head when Joe waxed spiritual.

    Lose Nazi Joe’s explanatory definition, and all hope abandon because God is inside your head and Ventner is about to find it.

    So, Safran is even more preverted than that Blighty bastard Buxton and his preversions.

    Why youse people like this preversion stuff so much makes me think that many of you are preverted, and I stand up & assert myself, my essence, & and my belief in his Holiness, the Dali Lama.

  23. gerald spezio says

    No, Michael X you have committed a slipshod – in explanatory Freudian/Jungian.

    I know what your slip sliding means.
    I heard it in Simon & Garfunkel.

    It means that you are a crypto Nazi prevert with unconscious desires to commit even more preversions because you have been corruptured by The Preversions of Xion.

    Hah, and you don’t even know it.

    You will be punished!

  24. Ploon says

    “Pope Sidious”. I like it, I may have to steal that one. Shouldn’t his light sabre be red then, though?

    Quite well done, but using footage of JP2’s (or anyone’s) funeral for a send-up is in my opinion in slightly bad taste.

  25. crypto anon says

    I now realize that I probably committed a slip shod in #27 when I labeled Safran, a self-hating Jew boy & prevert.

    Labeling behavior is fraught with pitfalls and preversions itself that causes (can cause or might even cause?) slip shod labeling leading to even more distorting preversions of both language & intellect.

    How could anybody know what Safran does after breakfast, never mind what he is (his being or his Dasein or essence )- unless you looked real careful or maybe asked him about his belief systems assuming that he wouldn’t fibber none.

  26. David Marjanović, OM says

    crypto anon, if you revere the Dalai Lama that much, why can’t you spell him? It’s not English, you see: he doesn’t end in “ee”, he ends in “eye”.

  27. David Marjanović, OM says

    crypto anon, if you revere the Dalai Lama that much, why can’t you spell him? It’s not English, you see: he doesn’t end in “ee”, he ends in “eye”.

  28. crypto anon says

    Bernarda, By jove I’ve got it.

    Science, you know.

    Jew-Boy-Safran is a crypto Zionist cyber agent who is charged with stunting & distorting the minds of the Goyim with captivating & hilarious attacks on revealed religion so that the dumb Goyim will piss away their precious bodily fluids and brain cells – thereby reducing them to idiocy via entropy with no energy left for exposing the insidious Zionist plot to exterminate the hapless Palestinian schmuckery, or worse.

    It’s clearly a Jewish-Freudian-psychology plot thing (I just know it!) because I can’t stop watching Safran’s carefully designed & crafted video preversions to destroy my Christian heritage & essence.

    That’s how I know it!

    If this leads to a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder, I plan to get me a good lawyer/framer & sue the filthy Freudian-Jewish preverts in a court of sacred law and get me some justice – finally.

  29. Janine says

    crypto anon, I have found the contents of your mind. You and Gerry are a great fit, though I think both of you are from the same mind.

  30. says

    Janine, i’m sort of wondering if crypto isn’t a parody gerry.

    I do want to get a random gibberish generator though. Way more fun than a Magic 8 Ball or some super computer that just says “42.”

  31. Carlie says

    All right, who left out the osmium tetroxide? Somebody’s been breathing too many vapors.

  32. Janine says

    Jeff, no matter what this is, it is more amusing than the likes of Legion. As for the super computer, you have to wait millions of years to get an answer. And you never know when the Vulgons will show up to blow it up. At least a Magic 8 Ball will give you an answer immediately.

  33. crypto anon says

    Mea culpa, it was “Deli” in the Schlotsky’s Deli sign – that conditioned me to behave so stupidly, as in corned beef very little mustard.

    My “mind” was distorted & preverted by my carnivorous Christian culture and Euclidian Greek buildings, so to speak & excuse.

    Polacks may know about the Holy Mother, but they ain’t posta know shid about the Blighty/Merikan Mother tongue; or what the hell was “Westside Story” about – or at least that’s how I see it.

    It still makes feel so good, so smaht, & sooo much better when I beat up on those ignorant believing science arseholes by showing how stupid & assinine “their belief systems” are.

    The pompous scientist types are just hooked on “their belief system” and always resort to incessently defending themselves emotionally, thereby refusing to look at the LORD GOD’s wonders in the “right way.”

  34. Carlie says

    I think it may be time to call in the dungeon master.

    Janine, with references to Daleks and Volgons in the same day, you’re my hero.

  35. Janine says

    That’s nothing. I will now begin to recite the epic poem “Ode To A Small Lump Of Green Putty I Found In My Armpit One Midsummer Morning”. I just hope my large intestine will allow me to finish it.

  36. crypto anon says

    Hah, somebody throws a desperately feeble crumb at the jonnie-piss-off cabal for facile attacks on “stupid belief systems;” & and what does the childish cabal do?

    They take a good lesson from the devout believers, who often appear much less personally pissed-off.

    The professed open-minded analytic “science” bahstids with their filthy athiest preversions resort to authoritarianism, epithet, outright pigheadness, and the cursed dungeon of no-speak – another modern Jesuit technique for the rack of nebulous “reason.”

    Science bloggers are special – they know how to excoriate & exorcise the stupid belief systems with their ignorant demons, their false Gods, & unscientific ignorance.

    Just read their continual disgust at the believing pestilence of it all.

    According to Jonnie-piss-off for science & system analysis of belief systems, the schmucks clearly have heads up the “wrong” belief system.

    Logically, changing the stupid bastards minds would necessarly follow.

    But, how in the name of sacred science and epistemology did they ever get to be so hopelessly stupid & use such dead end frames, you might ask?

    Whatever made them “choose” such stupid frames & beliefs, nobody asks?

    Jonnie-piss-off continually asserts his scientific frame analysis, but the blockheaded believing-creobot -schmuckery refuse to “change their minds.”

    Put the screws to the stupid bahstids.
    It’s not new, but it’s something & it’s fun too.

    For starters, just try to change a typical science blogger’s mind or his belief system or proclivity to read in & personalize.

    You don’t have to grill a communication genius about what conditions behavior.

  37. Bride of Shrek says

    Crypto Anon,

    If its supposed to be a parody -stop ok, it just isn’t funny.

    If you’re for real I think its time to hop back on the meds lad.

  38. says

    I looked around and it appears that they didn’t attack the Catholic site, they are the legitimate owners of it, therefore it isn’t vandalism, it’s putting up their own page under the guise of someone else.

    I hereby revoke my comment about not endorsing it and still think it’s funny as hell.

  39. Bride of Shrek says

    I second that. The Church of Peyote was one of the funniest episodes ever, marginally beaten by the Catholic priest in Melbourne (the one he went on to do a whole series with) episode…and I won’t even touch that part where he tried to join the KKK as the first Jewish member.

  40. MikeM says

    That’s one funny video, and the fact that these guys own now makes it even funnier.

    Wow, someone’s 68 year old granny is going to go to that site, seeking spiritual guidance.


  41. Michael X says

    That figures. I say the word “Jew” and in hops gerald. Though, for your sake g, and because I’m feeling generous, I’m gunna assume you were trying to be funny and failed.

    And Crypto, my man. WOW. Do us the great favor and begin posting by not assuming everyone can hear what’s in your head, and then posting your responses to that voice.

  42. Lilly de Lure says

    Oh my – I appear to have missed all the fun. Is Crypto what happens when Gerry drops acid?

    Wow, someone’s 68 year old granny is going to go to that site, seeking spiritual guidance.

    Well, you’re never too old to get a different perspective on life.

  43. Rey Fox says

    Makes me wonder if there are more religious domain names out there to snap up. I’d like to get one and just put up one of my favorite Reverend Lovejoy quotes: “Ned, have you considered any of the other religions? They’re all pretty much the same.”

  44. Greg Hauser says

    The costumery is no sillier than the robes and other garb in which everyone appears at the typical university graduation ceremony, and academic costumery shares some origins with some clerical garb. In addition, at least some of the costumery featured was not Catholic but was Orthodox.

  45. says

    Ah, but academics will be standing in line in those silly robes making jokes about them, and they’re also optional — many simply don’t bother with them.

    Is the same true of those Catholic muckety-mucks?

  46. shane says

    Yeah, I am an irish atheist, and this video made me feel sick. Catholic and Protestants where I live have barely taken their hands from each others throats, and an English accent is yet again making fun of Catholics. Is the Church of England still protected there?

  47. Jimbo says

    >and an English accent is yet again making fun of Catholics

    Stop trying to turn this into a sectarian issue. Why shouldn’t a british atheist make fun of this ludicrous religion? The same guy also spends plenty of time on other religions too. You’re outrage is unjustified.

  48. shh says

    Screw the Catholics, the and screw the idea that the “Brits” are our (Irish peoples) enemies.
    This site is funny, and hell, instead of Brit’s and Paddy’s killing each other over their God, here they are working together to get rid of that nonsense.
    If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.