1. says

    Not their best episode, but, I agree, it is fun to see some good creationist mocking with a side-order of dead Cheney.

  2. One Eyed Jack says

    Great clip. Gets right to the heart of the evolution/creation debate for many people: science hard… hurt brain… God easy… no think. Let’s go get a taco.

    They nail it at the end when lil’ Bush fails his test. “An F for Faith. I’ll take it.”


  3. Nemo says

    Sadly, Bush still has almost eleven months left in office to do further damage.

    It’s not too late to impeach.

  4. themadlolscientist says

    I can’t get this clip to play here or over at PM’s blog. Anyone know if it’s up elsewhere? More info on title, maker, etc. so I can Google it and see? Thanks.

  5. Gordon S says

    You think he’s irrelevant, until he shows up on TV one night with those glassy “I’m serious dudes” eyes and says he’s bombing some shit in Tehran.

  6. Janine says

    F For Fake President. I would have to say dubya is hardly irrelevant, he has already done great damage to so many people and it will go on for many years.

    I photographed his ham sandwich.
    What about the tiger?

  7. H. Humbert says

    Granted, I’m glad I live in a country where freedom of expression is a Constitutional right and satirists are free to lampoon corrupt leadership. Speak truth to power, and all that. But this cartoon has always struck me as part of the problem. “Isn’t our president stupid and isn’t that funny? Ha Ha Ha.” Well, no, actually. It isn’t funny. It’s fucking frightening that this man is in power, and this lame cartoon is making light of something gone very, very wrong in this country.

  8. says

    Heheh, I get it. George Bush is an idiot.

    But seriously, I thought the first part of the episode was hysterical, up until the seen with Barbara. The rest is to real to be laughable.

  9. Gunther says

    Slightly OT, but the irish cathlolic church’s homepage ( has been taken over by pranksters, who’ve posted a truly fantastic pro-atheist video there. Mean, but very funny.

  10. JJR says

    I’m still waiting for him to declare himself Presidente Por Vida… though if he did I think the military just might act at long last and remove him from office.

    …and won’t stop being wary of GWB until the next Prez is sworn in.

    “The illusion of freedom shall be maintained for as long as it is profitable. Once it is no longer profitable, the house lights will go up, the set will be struck, and the audience will be left to stare at the brick wall at the back of the theatre” — Frank Zappa.

  11. QrazyQat says

    Yes, Bush is irrelevant; in fact he never really was a real conservative, or even a real Republican, you know. Why, the GOP candidates didn’t hardly even ever mention him in their debates. So it’s perfectly sane for you to vote for the Straight-shooter and a whole slate of Republicans next election.