1. says

    Maybe it’s not so much a question of why people are wearing an octopus on their head, but more a question of why are these octopi wandering around with people in their mouths?

    Sometimes, nature? She makes no sense.

  2. The green frog from Spain says

    Well, the octopus are nice, intelligent, soft, agreeable to wear…

    But…I don´t understand it either.

  3. says

    Dan wrote:



    Posted by: brtkrbzhnv

    So, octopi is not the plural of octopus?

    What do you know? I guess you un-learn something new each and every day.

  4. says

    It’s not as though octopus is as tasty as squid? it’s like eating rubber. A hat is a much better idea.

    Hmm. Maybe I’ll go get some squid salad for dinner. They’ll put the squid in instead of octopus for me :)

  5. Stuart Weinstein says


    Have you ever seen what Detroit Red Wing fans do with Octopus?

    It will make you cry.


  6. says

    What better way to transport your octopus to a hockey game, where you can throw it on the ice when a player scores a “hat trick”? How symbolic, you throw your hat onto the ice when a player scores a “hat trick”…

  7. iamnotanoctopus says

    They’re clearly celebrating Cephalopodmas, which PZ has not posted about yet, oddly enough. I didn’t pick December 22nd as my wedding date to go around WITHOUT an octopus on my head, you know.

  8. says

    Because you just can’t get that same body, bounce and shine with cuttlefish.

    For best results, I condition with sea cucumber and use a starfish body wash.

  9. Carlie says

    Out of nowhere, and having never seen this post or the pictures, my 8 year old came up to me this morning with a stuffed octopus on his head and said “There’s a brain-sucking flesh-eating octopus on my head…so I can’t go to church today.”

    Beautiful child.