1. says

    The closest they come is a “Lab Geek,” but that doesn’t quite seem to fully encapsulate your immense geekiness, PZ. We need a “Reality Geek” I think.

  2. efp says

    The artist is clearly not a geek. I mean, Outdoor geek, fitness geek? Since when does jock = geek? Travesty.

    A true geek would have included a browncoat.

  3. Steve in MI says

    PZ, you’re just saying that because the Lab Geek holding the suspect material isn’t smiling. Aren’t unexpected results the proverbial font of innovative thought?

  4. says

    Hey, there I am !
    Ham Radio Geek…

    CQ CQ CQ this is WA2YUH calling CQ and standing by for a call…

    WA2YUH this is 9N1MM, Nine nancy one micky mouse. You’re Five and Nine in Katmandu, Nepal, My name is Moran, QSL?

  5. says

    Yeah, the lab geek definitely looks like a chemist (although I wonder how much time chemists actually spend holding test tubes these days; my chem-geek nephew uses beakers).

    But, PZ, you’re a college prof. Doesn’t that make you an Indy geek? You know, the kind of take-no-prisoners professors whose mild-mannered lectures can’t conceal the derring-do of his extracurricular activities? I mean, all of us college profs are admired and envied by virtually everyone. Right? (Or have I been sadly mistaken all these years?)

  6. Mena says

    Most geeks I know, including myself and my husband, are a combination of a couple different types of geeks.

  7. Mike Fox says

    PZ, I think you are the geek’s geek – it’s in the lower right corner. Look at all the geek love you’ve already gotten trying to help you on this.

  8. Tony Popple says

    I think I need to express myself as a sum of “eigen-geeks”.

    0.4*(Lab Geek) + 0.4*(Engineer Geek) + 0.2*(Jedi Geek)

  9. poke says

    You just need to change the science geek’s flask into an upside down octopus and you’re set.

  10. says

    I am 7 of the 56 kinds listed.

    I hit 12 of the listed. And there are probably another 12 geek categories not drawn that I would fit into.

    Although I agree with efp in questioning the whole accuracy of this drawing. Since when is a Jock a Geek?

  11. says

    @22: Tony Popple: I think I need to express myself as a sum of “eigen-geeks”.

    0.4*(Lab Geek) + 0.4*(Engineer Geek) + 0.2*(Jedi Geek)

    I think Tony Popple wins the title of “Geek of Geeks” for that post. All hail!

  12. says

    Blog geek anyone?

    Any taxonomy geeks out there will probably have issues with this one.

    I used to be a lab geek, now I’m just a geek.

  13. Whalehugger says

    I don’t see one for Pulps geek. True, the Conspiracy Geek looks like the Shadow, but stilll, no pulp geeks? We’re a small group, but very much into the pursuit of geekiness. And what about a Writer geek for that matter? So many geeks missed and other geeks that shouldn’t be in there…

  14. octopod says

    No geology geek? How sad! Indy Geek and Engineer Geek have kinda the right feel, but really not quite.
    And no zoology geek either, for that matter… needs to be a Gussie Fink-Nottle type character. Although poke’s looks pretty good for that. Needs mud up to the knees and a lizard on its head.

  15. Byte Reader says

    efp and Calladus,

    Ever hung out with climbers? Pretty geeky folks, if you ask me.

    I’m ashamed that I only meet 11 geeks on the list.

    And where is the Beer Geek? A travesty!

  16. MyaR says

    Any taxonomy geeks out there will probably have issues with this one.

    Yes, yes we do. My categorization senses are offended, not least of all, as pointed out above, by the lack of female geeks.

  17. Onkel Bob says

    Outdoor Geek? We’re called gear heads… Besides you need 4 tents, one for winter, (A-frame with two exits and a pole on on the ridgeline) one for the campground, (big – heavy – very opaque for campground activities) one for the solo trail hike, (light, mesh upper half) and another for the extended trip (light, but with vestibule fly, and room for two people). Mind you, I rarely use them as I prefer the bivvy sack and mosquito net. Of course 3 stoves, (butane, white gas, and multi-fuel) are also necessary.
    Now mind you, if I get selected for the Silk Road expeditions/excavations, I’ll be ready for living on the steppes for 3 months!!

  18. says

    The Geek Code – even after over a decade since the last revision – specifies geekiness more accurately than attempts at geek taxonomy that have come since. I aspire to e++++ and h++ (or even h*). The Geek Code is quite narrowly academic, while more modern versions have pulled away from academia and towards more computer-oriented/lifestyle definitions.

    Geek Code revisions now would include adding an OS X category and updating the sci-fi section to include Firefly/Serenity. Not to mention adding MMORPGing. And cephalods…

    As for this selection, I guess I go in the Code Geek and Book Geek categories.

  19. says

    [delurks] I agree with MyaR. I counted three out of fifty-six geeks as female, or ~5.36% of geeks. Maybe my knowledge base is skewed, but I think that’s far smaller than the actual representation.

  20. says

    Girl geek???? Peh, stupid sexists. Scrapbooking or ren faire? Fuck right off. Is that cosplay one actually supposed to be a girl or a guy in drag? Stupid sexists. Peh.

  21. says

    I am not any either, I am some of them in part, but they just don’t have religion geek (they also need anal retentive geek, for those of us who like to annoy our girlfriends with how movies are historically or otherwise inaccuarte).

  22. OptimusShr says

    “Although I agree with efp in questioning the whole accuracy of this drawing. Since when is a Jock a Geek?”

    I guess they’re making jocks out to be geeks in their extensive almost encyclopedic knowledge of, whatever they’re, jocky, about. I have no idea how to word that.

    Also I am actually 8 of the types, missed one on my first look.

  23. Mena says

    Ok, geeks, I have a question. This isn’t something that is in progess right now but I’m hoping that it will be soon. For a girl’s name, is Kimberlite or Marrella better? :^)

  24. Timothy says

    Why does the Linux Geek still have the price tag on his Tux shirt? Are they implying that we’re all cheap and keep the tags on so that we can return the clothes when we’re done wearing them?

  25. Epikt says

    @22: Tony Popple: I think I need to express myself as a sum of “eigen-geeks”.

    0.4*(Lab Geek) + 0.4*(Engineer Geek) + 0.2*(Jedi Geek)

    I think Tony Popple wins the title of “Geek of Geeks” for that post. All hail!

    Nuh-uh. His basis is neither complete nor orthogonal.

  26. katie says

    What about a birder geek? I’ve spent enough time at field stations with this extremely territorial species to think they have their own geeky ways. Kind of like an outdoors geek, except they prefer pre-dawn hours and have their own entirely unique mating call.

  27. CanadianChick says

    Mena – Kimberlite…diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend…

    I’m not ANY of those geeks. I used to be a food geek, but I got over it. Waaahhhh…I’m a non-representational geek.

    what type of geek am I?…Happy Homemaker Geek?

  28. Rjaye says

    What? No Dr. Who geek?

    Yeah, the percentage of geeks of the female persuasion is a bit on the low side, and what’s listed is rather lackluster, though they are size accepting.

    Hm. Well, no jelly baby for them…

  29. Tom Foss says

    If they had a language or word geek on there, she could have told them that they misspelled “collectible.”

  30. says

    Since we are talking about geekiness and femaleness, it would be remiss of me not to mention Girl Geek Dinners – a network of dinner events so that female geeks can socialise and network with one another and with the gentlemen that they invite along. They started – as many civilised things have – in London and have spread out around the world, although not to the U.S. yet (existing women-in-tech groups already exist).

  31. says

    Re: #43 and #45.

    First of all, I am at least 8 sort of geeks, based on the poster.

    Second of all, I think there should have been a category for ‘fantasy sports geek’.

    Third, I’ve always thought that ‘Soma’ would be a terrific girl’s name. As in ‘exotic Hollywood starlet Soma Dendrite.’

  32. Blind Pig says

    What we’re missing here is the true, original meaning of the word “geek”. A geek was the guy who acted as a wild man in a carnival freak show, who bit the heads off live chickens, and did other weird bits of psudosavagery to entertain the gullabe and ignorant. Nowadays they’re mainly to be found on(so called) reality television shows.