Another reason to hate tyrannical, insane North Korean dictators

His people are starving, and Kim Jong-il is roaming the countryside, eating up giant rabbits.

Karl Szmolinsky of Eberswalde faces a grim Easter.

His gold medal pride, ‘Robert der Grosse’ , the largest rabbit in recorded Prussian history , is missing and believed dead in North Korea.

The 24 pound UberBunny was sent to Pyongyang last year along with 11 others “with the aim of setting up a breeding program to alleviate famine ” , but they ended up on the table at Dear Leader Kim Jong-il’s February 16th birthday banquet.

This is what happens when megalomaniacs rule — not even the bunnies are safe.


  1. Caledonian says

    Why precisely did this man feel it necessary to send breeding stock to North Korea, again?

    A fool and his resources are soon parted.

  2. Elliott says

    It just goes to show you: no kindly deed will go unpunished.

    I recall seeing photos of his rabbits in the Toronto newspapers, and thinking just how well one of them would complement a bottle of Moulin a Vent . . .

  3. says

    George Bush and Kim Jong-il should be burst like a pinata to see if pure concentrated liquid crazy comes out. Perhaps it will be a new compound of some use. Mabye we can make crazy glue with it.

  4. amph says


    The charge’ d’affaires at the Berlin embassy of the hopping mad Hermit Kingdom Hasenpfepper fiend has issued a denial of the alleged rodenticide

    By now everyone should know that rabbits are not rodents.

  5. kurage says

    Caledonian –

    Kim Jong-il has been pushing rabbit and goat breeding recently, the theory being that these animals can be raised just about anywhere, even in mountainous North Korea. The North Koreans were the ones who approached Szmolinsky, telling him that his giant rabbits would help feed people (presumably, people less well-off than Kim Jong-il).

    It was a ridiculous plan to begin with – as the article notes, giant rabbits consume proportionally giant amounts of vegetables – but Szmolinsky’s motives were purely philanthropic, and it wasn’t as if he sent North Korea a bunch of unsolicited rabbits.

  6. Caledonian says

    Permit me to be more specific:

    I know the purpose the rabbits were sent with. Why in the world did this gentleman think that any resources he sent would be utilized properly?

    North Korea is starving not because it’s inhospitable to agriculture, but because its government has squandered and misused every resource available to it.

  7. Chinchillazilla says

    Who would eat such a snuggly, floppy-looking creature?

    Man, I hate that guy.

  8. Colugo says

    While eugenics is discussed in regard to debunking distorted claims about Darwinism made by IDists, it should be kept in mind that coercive eugenic practices occur in today’s world.

    Eugenic infanticide in North Korea,20867,20587474-2703,00.html

    “The North Korean regime’s obsession with racial purity has led to the killing of disabled infants and forced abortions for women suspected of conceiving their babies by Chinese fathers, according to a growing body of testimony from defectors.”

    North Korean defectors report gas chamber experiments

    Death and terror in North Korean gulag system

    Children starve in North Korea’s hidden gulag

  9. MarkR says

    By now everyone should know that rabbits are not rodents.

    “Lagomorphicide” is too much of a mouthful.

  10. says

    “Lagomorphicide” is too much of a mouthful.
    — MarkR |05:04 PM

    They have changed it to lepicide.
    –Chris Thompson |05:14 PM

    Want me to change it to ‘orgy of lagomorphagy’?

    I’ve already promoted the bereaved Herr Szmolinsky to
    “Meisterkaninchenzüchter of Brandenburg” to get the wascally Wendish rabbit fanciers off Adamant’s back.

  11. David Harmon says

    It was a ridiculous plan to begin with – as the article notes, giant rabbits consume proportionally giant amounts of vegetables

    I wouldn’t say “ridiculous”, because (like pigs and goats) they can eat stuff humans can’t, effectively turning stray biomass into meat. That doesn’t necessarily mean it would have been workable in practice, but this suggests (or confirms) that the real problem is with the country’s leadership.

  12. says

    Having just watch the latest South Park on Tivo last night I’ve got to wonder if there might be a link between North Korea and the American Catholic League.

  13. One Eyed Jack says

    Oddly enough I heard about a breeding program for giant dictators a few years back. It had some very promising early success. They required little food, but you did have to feed their inflated egos 24/7.

    Ultimately the program was doomed. During processing, the butchers discovered very little usable meat. As it turns out, they were mostly bullsh*t and hot air. We should have known.


  14. says

    It’s my understanding that rabbit meat is too lean to sustain a person who isn’t getting the requisite fats from other sources, anyway. So the plan was totally bogus.

    Kim Jong-il is ravaging his country to satisfy himself and I too would be leery of any “breeding programs” or other “improvements” promoted by the government of North Korea.

  15. dgaicun says

    Brandenburgian breeder becomes belligerent because bumbling barbarian bureaucrats brazenly banqueted on beloved brobdingnagian bunnies? Boy!

  16. Mr Gronk says

    Just how far upwind is Berlin from Chernobyl, incidentally? For that is one badass rabbit.