Please, please, please pick Tony Snow

I’m hoping McClellan will be replaced by Tony Snow.


  1. Dustin says

    I don’t think he’ll burn out. Fox News people actually run on the souls of the damned. If he gets picked for the job, he’ll just toot his stupid horn about how he got to be Donald Rumsfeld’s bitch pigeon for the year preceding Bush’s impeachment over and over until the end of time.

  2. says

    Stephanie Miller mentioned on her Wednesday morning radio program that Tony Snow was in touch with the White House over the possibility of his becoming the Bush administration press spokesman. Right after she reported this, McClellan’s resignation was announced. An omen? (No, just an amusing coincidence.)

  3. Jeremy says

    Tony Snow is just another reason that Bush is The Worst President Ever. This article, written by a historian, is the cover story in Rolling Stone. It’s a must-read. In fact, I’m posting it here with the ulterior motive of compelling PZ to blog about it ;).

    I just posted Voltaire’s “O Lord make my enemies ridiculous” quote in the post about the Minnesota GOP, but it seems equally valid here.

  4. G. Tingey says

    I may have misheard, but hasn’t the ghastly Karl Rove (of whom we in England have heard as an awful warning) been made Shite House press secretary/campaigner again?
    So that he can bullshit aggressive lies until the Shrub-followers have “won” the mid-term elections ……


  5. Mike says

    About Karl Rove: they’ve said that he’s going to stop working on policy and focus on politics. Of course they know that this White House doesn’t see any difference between the two.

  6. Mr. Upright says

    This would be a lateral move from one division of the corporation to another. Snow would just be changing managers, but would probably get to keep the seniority, pension, etc.

  7. says

    Hiring Snow as the press secretary is like hiring your mother to change your diapers.

    And there is no way in hell that Rove’s announced new responsibilities mean anything other than …

    “Heh, watch this while I run the bait and …heh heh..switch on them media boys”

  8. minimalist says

    Hiring Snow as the press secretary is like hiring your mother to change your diapers.

    Haha, that’s perfect. Yeah, I don’t see much point in it myself. Bush has so few supporters in the “independent” media these days, why would he remove one from that pool and taint him with direct association with the administration?

    There are plenty of people willing to lie and shill for free, like the right-wingnut bloggers. It’s not as if the administration hasn’t used them directly and indirectly before. So if Bush has to shell out goverment money for the position, he might as well try to “recruit” someone new… I’m sure Darth Cheney knows some Revenge-of-the-Sith-like techniques.

  9. Morning says

    The Tony Snow possibility seems to be getting very serious

    I heard Dan Senor mentioned early and then it seemed to die off very quickly. I heard someone say Bill O’Reilly should be Secretary of Defense

    I thought that was pretty funny

  10. says

    I think they should hire a mime. It would be far more entertaining, and the mime would probably be more truthful. Plus, everyone already hates mimes anyway.

  11. Terry Ward says

    The White House probably can’t afford him — they’d owe Snwo back pay for all the years he’s already spent as a White House press hack